9 Dads Describe Their Marriage During Pregnancy

Personally, I loved being pregnant. While I enjoyed a smooth 40 (more or less) weeks,though, I was afflicted with some pretty extreme emotional reactions to the whole "growing a baby inside my body" thing. Sometimes I would cry for no reason, or lose my temper, and those reactions caused some tension between myself and my husband. In the hopes I wasn't the only one, I asked dads to describe their marriage during pregnancy and, to my pleasant surprise, was relieved to hear that I wasn't the only wife acting a little "irrationally."

Marriage is a living beast and, like all creatures, it needs certain things to survive. Even with these essentials in place, like communication and trust, the addition of a baby can complicated things. So while pregnancy can be ridiculously exciting, it can also present a slew of very real difficulties. In my humble opinion, there really is no greater challenge to a relationship than becoming a parent (not that child-free married couples don't experience their own set of trials and tribulations, because they certainly do). Having a baby can make you closer, sure, but that life choice ushers in a stressful time of responsibility and change. These changes can start as soon as you start trying to conceive, and last all the way through a pregnancy and well beyond postpartum life.

While it's not always easy to navigate the vast complexities of marriage while a partner is pregnant, it certainly isn't impossible either. Just take the following dads' words for it:


"My wife had a rough pregnancy. She was in pain, on bed rest, hormonal, and bored. I switched between feeling really sorry for her and hating her guts!"


"[My wife and I] became closer. It was a very tender time. I loved watching her change as the baby grew. She became more beautiful to me."


"My wife is a very calm and quiet person, but pregnancy made her a little short tempered. She threw her coffee cup at me once because I forgot to put sugar in it. That was very out of character."


"My wife didn't want anything to change during the pregnancy. She would get annoyed with herself when she was tired. I ended up taking on a caregiver role, encouraging her to nap and making her snacks."


"We argued quite a bit. All the money worries of having a child to care for, and the added responsibility, did not bring out the best in us as a couple."


"It was hell. We split up. There were problems beforehand for sure, but to be honest, the pregnancy really tore us apart."


"We were like newlyweds. We were so happy to be pregnant that it made us all kissy-kissy and like we had just met. It was a really special time."


"My wife was so horny all through her pregnancy. Our marriage was amazing and we were having sex like three times a day!"


"I was kind of a d*ck to my wife before the baby came. I was struggling with a lot of mixed emotions about becoming a dad and how my own father was such a disappointment to me. We fought a lot and it was mostly my fault. Once the baby came, and I realized I wasn't like my dad at all, things got better."