9 People That'll Definitely Make Your Baby Cry

My youngest child only cried about six or seven times in his first six months of life. I had had such a different experience with his older sister that I genuinely thought something was wrong with him. Fortunately, or unfortunately, his second six months were way less chill. He was sick and needed a few medical procedures, he started teething, and he decided he was going to reject breastfeeding. I had to come to terms with the fact that there are many situations and people that will definitely make your baby cry.

From the moment they join us outside the womb, babies have it pretty hard. They were so warm, cozy, and safe before they pushed into the world, and now they are faced with the harsh reality of bright lights, cold air, having to eat, wet diapers, rashes, and wanting desperately to sleep.

They have no way to communicate with us other than crying.

"I'm hungry"

"I'm wet"

"I'm tired"

"I'm lonely"

"I'm cold"

"I'm hot"

"I'm uncomfortable"

"That hurts"

"Mommy, come get me."

All the aforementioned feelings are essentially communicated via a cry, and nothing but a cry. Then, of course, sometimes babies cry for seemingly no reason at all.

Eventually, us parents become pretty good baby translators and have a list of things that generally work to sooth our little ones and dry their tears. For my babies, swaying with them in my arms or a baby carrier and singing seemed to do the trick. My daughter's favorite song was Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and my son's favorite was Let It Snow (make it stop!). Years later, I sometimes find myself swaying the same way and humming those songs when I'm feeling sad.

Whatever works for your baby, there are bound to be people who will definitely make your baby cry. Here's a few who made mine cry.

Your OB-GYN Or Midwife

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

"What is happening? I was so warm and now this person tore me from the comfort of my home. Not gonna happen!" I would cry, too.

The Nurse Or Phlebotomist

It was so hard to watch the phlebotomist or nurse draw my newborns' blood and give them IVs. It's seriously so hard to watch my babies cry. I knew the blood tests and fluids were important, but that didn't make hearing them cry any easier.

Their Pediatrician

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

Your baby is probably going to start associating going to the doctor with getting shots or having to get undressed, poked and prodded, and weighed on a cold scale. No fun at all.

Your Over-Zealous Family Members

No baby wants to be passed around the room and squeezed by fifty different sets of cold hands.


Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

As much as you become your baby's touch point and lovey, there will be times when you make them cry. Their first bath, sucking snot out of their tiny noses, and even leaving the room will all be cause for a hefty cry. So, yes, you'll make them cry, but mostly because they love and trust you so much.

The Empty Space Where You Used To Be

And when you leave the room, they will think you're never coming back. So sad.

Your Partner

Your partner will also likely make them cry. After all, they're not you. And then, there will be times that they only want your partner, leaving you feeling like crying.

Your Babysitter

The first time you leave your baby with a sitter, they are likely to cry. Don't worry, they will probably feel better in a few minutes and have a great day, while you are off conquering the world or getting a needed break.

Your Other Children

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

I remember the first time my daughter pinched her baby brother to "see what would happen." He cried. I could have told her that.