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9 Reasons Having A Halloween Baby Is The Best

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, but it took on a whole new meaning when I gave birth to my first child last year, just days before All Hallow's Eve. Now I have a Halloween baby, and I can safely say that having a halloween baby is truly the best.

Growing up, I’d envy my friends who had families with fun traditions, like Taco Tuesdays, annual camping trips, or a weekly game night. I'd watch my peers mark in their calendars and look forward to spending time with their families because they knew, on even the smallest of levels, that they were keeping family traditions alive. And not just out of obligation, but because they were fun traditions the entire family wanted to continue.

Eventually, one of my closest childhood friends, Sarah, included me in the closest thing to a family tradition I’d ever experienced as a kid. Every October, leading up to Halloween, we’d plan our (multiple) costumes and trick-or-treating routes (in multiple neighborhoods) and spend the entire month decorating our rooms and play areas to conjure the spirit of Halloween and the vibes of autumn in sunny South Florida.

So now that I have my own family, I'm so excited to decorate my apartment with my husband, plan our family costumes, and stock up on candy for trick-or-treaters. I'm thrilled to finally have my own fun family tradition we can continue for years to come, especially because it's during the same month as my baby's birthday.

So if you, like me, gave birth in October (because Halloween starts on October 1, my friends), here are just a few reasons why you're going to be having extra fun this time of year:

There's Always A Party You Can Crash

Halloween parties are so popular and so many local businesses tend to get into the holiday spirit. Many local parks and other public spaces also host fun parties for families, so no matter what you’ll always have a place to go to celebrate your Halloween baby’s birthday. Even if life gets busy and you can’t plan something at home, you’ll have a place to party!

It's An Excuse To Go Overboard With Costumes

My family’s goal is to do two costumes every year. One for Halloween, and one for a holiday card in honor of our baby's birthday. Ideally, anyways. That’s the plan. With so much to celebrate, and given the spirit of Halloween, it’s totally acceptable to be extra AF when it comes to costumes! Take advantage, my friends.

Their Birthday Photos Will Be So Colorful


Selfies and boomerangs in the park or backyard will be extra #aesthetic because of the changing colors that mark the fall season. No filters necessary! It’s the perfect time to take tons of pictures to make your baby's first birthday, and your family's first Halloween together.

Unique Birthday Cake (Or Pie!) Options

Apples, pears, pumpkins, pomegranate, and so many other deliciously rich and sweet fruits are in season this time of year, so parents have the perfect opportunity to go for a nontraditional birthday cake. Pumpkin pie, apple cobbler, pear tarts, you name it. One thing is for certain, though: no matter what you pick, your baby is going to love it (and the photos of them chowing down are going to be precious).

So. Many. Activities.

Once the Halloween candy goes on sale at the store, towns and cities usually start hosting and planning fun events for the whole family. Pumpkin patches, hayrides, apple picking, spooky story nights at the park... the list goes on.There are so many fun things to do as a family around this time, and often many free events, so it’s a great time to have outings that can double as birthday celebrations.

Party “Goodie Bags” Are Cheaper To Make

Since so much candy, and so many trinkets, are on sale for Halloween, it’ll be cheaper than ever to make goodie bags for your kid’s party.

It's Such A Magical Time Of Year

The history of Halloween, and the pagan festivals and rituals from which it evolved, reveals how magical the holiday is. Birthdays are a great time to reflect and prepare for new beginnings so as you celebrate your Halloween baby’s birthday, you can also teach them about the story behind the day. They’ll have so many reasons to feel special and magical from then on.

You Can Surprise People With Themed Parties

If you’re into elaborate parties complete with decorations and themed food and drinks, you can really go all out if you have a Halloween baby! You’ll have your kid’s friends wondering what the theme will be a each year which can be super fun, exciting, and mysterious.

You Can Get Away With Multiple Celebrations


As a kid, I had a few friends with birthdays that fell on holidays like Christmas, the Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving. One thing they all agreed on was that they wished they didn’t have to share their special day with such big holidays.

Having a Halloween baby gives you a reason to have multiple celebrations, though, which means the fun lasts longer. You can have a special birthday celebration a day early or late and celebrate Halloween the day of. That's a win-win, if you ask me.