Now There's A Baby Shark Puzzle To Add To Your Kid's Pile Of Baby Shark Stuff

We are now at the point in 2018 where you can't even hear the word "shark" without thinking "do do do do do do do do" after it. There is an endless amount of videos on YouTube dedicated to celebrities, parents, and kids doing the dance and singing the song. And now, thanks to the evil geniuses at Pinkfong, there's a Baby Shark puzzle that sings to you as you place the sharks in their allotted spots. Because karma for playing the "Hamster Dance" over and over had to come to us somehow, millennials. And this is it.

Pinkfong has a vice grip on current kid culture, and it does not look like they will be easing up any time soon. And why would they? I don't think that the South Korean educational entertainment group ever thought they'd capture the moment in the way that they have. And they might not ever again. It would be a bad business move to not ride this shark right until the point where they jump it. This Baby Shark puzzle, while it might be a bit on the noisy side, is pretty cute. It's got all of the colors and fun of the song and video, along with the hand-eye coordination skill-building properties of all shape puzzles. Pinkfong is an educational company, after all.

PinkFong has come up with some really neat toys to go along with all the "do do dos." While the puzzle is fun and educational, I don't know if it will end up being as popular as the singing plush that sold out in a matter of moments. I only say this because most older kids aren't going to be interested in a shape finding puzzle. However, even if you don't buy this for your toddler, it feels like something an aunt or uncle would buy just to annoy you. It sings, the pieces can be lost, and inevitably just as your child is starting to get really good at it, the batteries will die. It's a guarantee.

My sister once bought my son a cat piano that had varying meows as well as several different cat songs. You don't know what hell is until your child starts playing "Fur Elise" on a cat piano because, "It's a hilarious pun, Mama." If the wrong direction of the afterlife has a waiting room, that is what's being played as you await your destiny. Along with possibly the aforementioned "Hamster Dance."

If the new Baby Shark puzzle doesn't tickle your fancy, don't worry, there's Santa Shark, and a Shark board book with buttons that play different pieces of the song, and the "Baby Shark" r&b remix you never knew you needed. Because you've always wondered what it would be like if someone like Drake and company dressed up as sea creatures and sang a slow jam about the ocean's deadliest fish. It almost makes sense if you think about it... after visiting a dispensary in Colorado.

If this puzzle is anything like the other products PinkFong has put out, you better loosen up your one-click fingers and get out your credit card, because it will sell out. And if your kid is desperate for one? You'll be forced to buy it from some enterprising 17 year old who runs an eBay store out of his mom's basement named "Guess What I Bought First" and pay eleventy million dollars for it. You don't want to continue funding that kid. You want to fund your own. So go ahead and buy the new Baby Shark puzzle today to avoid such a fate.

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