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All The Kardashian Kids' Birthdays To Date Prove This Family Knows How To Party

For most parents, a child’s birthday party means funfetti cake, frosting straight from the can, and an entire kindergarten class running rampant around the house. When it comes to the Kardashian kids’ birthdays, however, it’s more about sparkling carnival rides, heaps of catered food, and a guest list chock full of celebrities. These parties are so extravagant, there’s not much to do but sit back and wonder if these toddlers are actually appreciating their monogrammed party favors or not. They’re grand, they’re outrageous, and they’re so much fun to look at, even if thinking about the price tag makes you a little nauseous.

To be fair, there are some moments in which the Kardashians/Jenners/Disicks keep it surprisingly low-key (if you can call renting out an entire IHOP and arriving via stretch limousine low-key). After all, these kids are just like all other children in that they’re probably more entertained by seven rounds of baby shark than a giant inflatable of their own face (no shade to Kylie).

While it’s painful to know that most of these celebrity children will only remember bits and pieces of their special days, rest assured that the immaculate party planning does not go unnoticed. To keep the memories alive, here are all the Kardashian kids’ birthday parties to date. Here’s hoping that one day we can all make the guest list.


Mason's 1st Birthday, 2010

Mason started the Kardashian birthday trend with a carnival themed party that included tons of live animals and rides for both kids and adults to enjoy, according to HuffPo. His cake also stayed on theme with larger-than-life frosted animals and delicious snacks to match.


Mason's Wild West Party, 2011

Mason must have loved the animals from his first party, because they made a reappearance at his western-themed bash the following year, reported E!. This time, guests were also encouraged to dress the part, sporting cowboy hats and Native American headdresses that were hopefully left in 2011.


Mason's Thomas The Train Theme, 2012

It's hard to top his last two parties, but Mason's third birthday really took the cake. This time he went with a traditional Thomas the Tank Engine theme at Serendipity in Miami Beach, according to E!.


Mason's Disney On Ice Adventure, 2013

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Kim Kardashian was in charge of this party, since Mason's mom, Kourtney Kardashian, was in labor on his fourth birthday. Kim ended up taking Mason and some of his friends to see Disney on Ice, reported Global Grind, making for the coolest last-minute party ever.


Penelope's Big Balloon Bash, 2013

Not much is known about Penelope's first Kardashian birthday party, but pictures from the event show gigantic pink and white balloons bobbing around outside. According to Us Weekly, similar balloons are estimated to cost a cool $150 a pop.


Mason's "Nightmare Before Christmas," 2014

Although Mason's birthday is technically in December, his chosen theme was more suited for the fall. For his fifth birthday, he threw a Nightmare Before Christmas party a whole month before his actual birth date, reported Hollywood Life. Guests came in full costume and makeup, and Khloe even showed up dressed exactly like Sally, one of the main characters from the movie.


North's Kid-chella, 2014

Inspired by the infamous Coachella music festival, Kim and Kanye threw North a "Kid-chella" celebration for her first birthday. The two spared no expense, decking their yard out with bouncy houses, tipis, and a giant ferris wheel, as shown by @krisjenner.


Penelope's Disney Trip, 2015

After Kourtney and Scott's breakup, Penelope kept her birthday simple with a trip to Disneyland. Kim and Kris joined the fun, and Kourtney even dressed up in a matching Tinker Bell costume for Penelope's big day, according to E!.


North's Disney Trip, 2015

North is also no stranger to celebrating in Disney, but for her second birthday, she opted for a small party at the park, complete with balloons and decor as shown by @kyliejenner.


Reign and Mason's "Alien" Theme, 2015

Since Reign and Mason share the same birthday (lucky Kourt!) they had a joint party to celebrate their first and sixth birthdays. The theme centered on all things out-of-this-world and the huge laser tag course was no exception, via Hollywood Life.


Reign and Mason's "Fast And Furious" Fest, 2016

Reign and Mason's next party took the traditional cars theme up a notch. With an enormous bouncy house, a special movie screening, and race tracks galore, this Fast and Furious theme definitely did the film justice, according to People.


North and Penelope's Mermaid Party, 2016

Speaking of joint birthday parties, Penelope and North gave the boys a run for their money with an extravagant mermaid themed celebration. The party included lots of shimmery tails, a gorgeous pool-side venue, and an appearance by Ariel herself! Plus their outfits are too cute, as seen in this picture from @khloekardashian.


Saint's Laid Back 1st, 2016

In a surprising turn of events, Saint West's first birthday was actually not an elaborate affair, according to Us Weekly. This was likely because Saint's dad, Kanye West, had just returned home from the hospital, but that didn't stop the family from celebrating just a little bit. Although this may have been one of the most normal Kardashian birthdays to date, there were still plenty of beautiful decorations all around the house. Some things never change.


Mason's Bowling Bash, 2017

After his last Fast and Furious party, Mason decided to keep his eighth birthday simple with a trip to the bowling alley, according to E!. In true Kardashian fashion, his family rented out the entire place and made sure there was plenty of food and lots of arcade games for guests to enjoy.


North's Chill Day, 2017

North also opted for a simpler venue for her fourth birthday, choosing to celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese. Just goes to show that some things... namely arcade games and birthday cake... can't be beat.


North And Penelope's "Moana" Theme, 2017

After North's laid back celebration at Chuck E. Cheese, the real festivities began. This time, North and Penelope celebrated together at a Moana themed party, featuring a petting zoo, Hawaiian BBQ, and this bouncy house from @kourtneykardash. Both of the girls also received puppies as birthday gifts, just in case you weren't jealous enough already.


Saint and Reign's "Monsters Inc." Party, 2017

This party took a lot of inspiration from the Disney/Pixar film, but also added in a few extra elements in honor of the holiday season. At this Monsters Inc. Party, guests were greeted with piles of fake snow, festive sleds, an appearance from Santa Claus, and a giant ice skating rink on Kourtney's property. This was definitely Saint's biggest party yet, and the Kardashians made sure to think of every detail.


Dream Round One, 2017

Rob Kardashian's daughter, Dream, rang in her first birthday with two big celebrations. The first, with her dad and the rest of the Kardashian family, included tons of oversized balloons and lots of extravagant gifts, including the mini pink Mercedes in this photo from @robkardashian. Who knows? Maybe in a few years she'll get the full-sized version as well.


Dream Round Two, 2017

After celebrating with her dad, Dream got to party with her mother, Blac Chyna (also known as Angela Renee White), who threw her a stunning mermaid themed bash. A post from @blacchyna proves that Dream came dressed for the occasion and was greeted with a gigantic cake, plenty of aquatic decorations, and an "actual" mermaid swimming in the pool.


Mason's Fortnite Heaven, 2018

For his latest birthday, Mason Disick turned every kid's biggest video game obsession into a gigantic Fortnite themed party, reported E!. A personal DJ got everyone on the dance floor, enormous screens filled the yard so guests could play video games, and the night ended with Mason's little brother, Reign, helping blow the candles out.


North And Penelope's Unicorn Extravaganza, 2018

It's been established that the Kardashians know how to make an event feel magical, but Penelope and North's joint unicorn party was next-level, thanks to party planner Mindy Weiss. Sights from the party included ponies with rainbow horns, tables heaped with colorful treats, and 10-year-old DJ Livia, according to Vogue. This photo from @kimkardashian shows the girls getting messy while making unicorn-inspired slime.


Saint and Reign's "Tarzan" Theme, 2018

Mindy Weiss also had a hand in planning Saint and Reign's joint birthday party, which transformed Kim Kardashian's usual pristine home into a jungle. The boys also got to celebrate with a real monkey and matching Tarzan-themed cakes. And of course, the Kardashian/West family showed up in style, as seen in this picture from @kimkardashian.


Dream's Magical 2nd, 2018

For her second birthday, Dream celebrated with a fairy themed birthday. Guests were met with their own set of pink wings, a tipi covered in enchanting decorations, and a few magical fairy visitors. This year, Dream also received a mini Bentley truck to add to her collection of luxury child-friendly vehicles, according to People.


Penelope's Birthday Breakfast, 2019

It's important to recognize that despite the luxury, the Kardashian kids are really just like the rest of us. Penelope Disick, for instance, chose to celebrate her birthday with a trip to IHOP, reported Page Six. Totally normal, if you don't count the gorgeous white limousine she rode in... or the fact that her parents rented out the entire restaurant for the morning. What's a girl gotta do for a little privacy on her birthday?


North And Penelope's Sweet Day, 2019

If Penelope's IHOP party seemed a little underwhelming in comparison to her past birthdays, it could be because she was waiting to celebrate with cousin North West. As always, the two girls chose to party together for their big days-- this time at a Candy Land themed bash. Oversized lollipops littered the venue, there was no shortage of donuts and ice cream, and the girls' cake literally gushed candy. I can feel the sugar rush from here.


True's Pastel 1st, 2019

Khloé Kardashian's daughter, True Thompson, celebrated her first birthday in style with a pastel themed party. The venue was full of adorable treats, including cotton candy, a donut wall, and this beautiful cake posted by @khloekardashian. There were also plenty of pale pink, yellow, and blue balloons as well as pastel colored ponies for guests to ride.


Chicago's "Alice In Wonderland" 1st, 2019

Chicago West was also treated to a perfectly planned party for her first birthday, which was Alice in "One-derland" themed, according to @kimkardashian. Per usual, Kim's house was decorated to the nines with real roses and Queen of Hearts inspired decor. Actors dressed as Alice, the Queen, and the Mad Hatter were also present, and a bouncy house in the backyard helped keep guests busy.


Stormiworld, 2019

Kardashian parties are extreme, there's no doubt about it. But Kylie Jenner's Astroworld-inspired celebration for her daughter, Stormi Webster, was one for the books. Taking notes from Stormi's father, Travis Scott, Kylie created a theme park in her backyard, including an inflatable Stormi head, an appearance by Baby Shark, and plenty of carnival rides for guests to enjoy.

Other luxuries included a humongous cake covered in ornate decorations, exclusive Stormi merch, branded packaging for all the snacks, and neon lights, as shown by @kyliejenner. The only downside is that Kylie will have to figure out how to outdo herself for Stormi's second birthday.

While these parties seem to be wrestled straight out of every child's wildest dream, even the Kardashians know the most important thing is to celebrate with family. Whether you have the budget for multicolored unicorns or not, kids just want to play with the people they love. So admire the Kardashians' style and wonder at their decor, but know that when it comes down to it, kids are pretty easy to please. Bouncy house and professional party planner not required.