In a new Instagram post, Amy Schumer shared that she relies on her nanny to help raise her son, Gene...
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Amy Schumer & Her Son's Nanny Snapped A Sweet Selfie While Wearing Sheet Masks

It takes a village to raise a child, as they say, and one beloved celeb mom recently shared her appreciation for her own. On Wednesday, Amy Schumer snapped a selfie with her son's nanny and penned a lovely post about her alongside it. The whole post was just so touching, so casual, and just downright sweet.

Schumer and her husband, Chris Fisher, welcomed their son, Gene Attel Fisher, on May 6, 2019. Since then, the comedian has never really shied away from showing an unfiltered and honest look at motherhood. For example, she once shared a photo of herself on the toilet in the hospital just days after giving birth still hooked up to an IV. Most recently, Schumer was honest about how she's able to go to work and feel comfortable that her son is well taken care of with the help of her nanny.

On Wednesday, Jan. 8, Schumer took to Instagram to share a selfie with her nanny showing the two of them wearing sheet masks. "This is our nanny who makes it possible for me to work and know that our baby is happy and healthy," she captioned the sweet photo. "I love her very much and we also both want to have nice skin."

Schumer's fans promptly took to the comments to share their own appreciation for the post. "Thank you for highlighting and bringing attention to your nanny, Amy Schumer!" one fan commented. "As a nanny — I wish more moms did this."

"Thank you for giving your nanny credit!," another added. "We work hard and love our jobs!" One more said, "Yay for working moms! Thank you for always giving us a voice."

Schumer returned back to work after her maternity leave in August and previously expressed to People in an interview that she was happy to go back but would, of course, miss her son. "It's empowering," she told the magazine at the time. "It's like you get a piece of yourself back, but it is hard. I'm just so fortunate, you know? 'Cause a lot of people have it a lot harder."

Between her honesty about her tough pregnancy last year, her decision to stop breastfeeding Gene, and now her not shying away from the fact that she, like many other working parents, relies on a nanny to help care for her sweet son, Amy Schumer has made it clear that she wants to showcase an honest, unfiltered, and oftentimes hilarious look at motherhood. And thank goodness for that.