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Amy Schumer Used An Accurate Batch Of Emojis To Describe Her Maternity Leave Ending

It's safe to say that every working parent feels differently about heading back to their job after welcoming a baby. Some might feel resentful or anxious or excited or relieved or elated or sad. Some might feel all of those things at once, because it turns out having a baby really messes with your emotions and sort of changes you at your core in a way you probably didn't expect. Some might not be able to express their emotions with words, relying instead on some well-placed emoticons to do their talking for them. Like Amy Schumer, whose Instagram about going back to work after welcoming her son earlier this year is light on the talking and heavy on the snuggles and emoticons. Because it's not always easy to figure out how you feel, right?

The I Feel Pretty star welcomed her first child, a little boy named Gene, with husband Chris Fischer on May 5 after a seriously difficult pregnancy punctuated with regular bouts of hyperemisis gravidarum, a condition that causes severe nausea and vomiting. At the time, Schumer was in the middle of a successful comedy tour that she had to cancel after she was hospitalized for her condition, which must have been difficult considering how hard she has worked for her career.

But, as Schumer noted in an emotional Instagram post after Gene was born, it was all "worth it." Even the fact that she was #wearingadiaper.

In the months since Gene's birth, Schumer has been spending time bonding with her son and her husband at home. But it looks like her maternity leave is about to end, and the Trainwreck star is not quite sure how she feels about it. On Wednesday, the new mom shared a photo of herself enjoying a nap on the sofa with baby Gene and his adorable blanket. She wrote in the captioned, "back to work this week. Feeling like 😳💔😢😀."

If Schumer's emoticons are correct, she's feeling nervous, heartbroken, sad, and excited. There were lots of sympathetic notes from other moms who had been there themselves on the actress' feed. As one commented, "Return to work is scary and hard. You’ll cry a lot and question everything. BUT it gets easier and will allow you to enjoy your time with that wonderful little one. You got this!"

Now it's important to note that Schumer is also excited about going back to work, presumably because she loves her career. As her fans already know, she has actually done some stand-up since Gene's birth. Most notably, just two weeks after his birth, when she did a set at the Comedy Cellar in New York City, according to the Los Angeles Times, and every mom shamer on the internet seemed to come out in full force to admonish her for leaving her baby.

No surprise, Schumer dealt with it perfectly, sharing a photo of herself pumping in her underwear the next morning with the caption: "Sending out love to the moms shaming me for doing standup last night!"

It's difficult enough wrapping your head around going back to work without people making you feel bad about it. Fortunately Amy Schumer seems to have the right idea now: snuggle up on the couch and just ease on into it. And don't feel bad if you're a little excited... I'm pretty sure you're allowed to love your kid and your career.