Best Royal Maternity Style Moments, From Princess Diana To Meghan Markle

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Maternity style has varied widely over the years. And while the royal family does adhere to strict fashion guidelines, they clearly aren't opposed to changing up their styles with the time, as evidenced by these incredible royal maternity style moments, from Princess Diana to Meghan Markle.

The approach to styling a pregnant body has changed over the past couple decades. In Princess Diana's day, loose-fitting frocks were favored and somewhat hid the bump. But now, synched waists around blossoming bellies are all the rage. Despite the changes in fashion norms for expectant mothers, many touches to maternity style have remained continuous throughout the generations.

Princess Diana is known for being a style icon and her daughters-in-law often channel aspects of her fashion sense into their own looks. This is true with their maternity styles, as well. Diana often favored bold colors and patterns, drawing attention with pops of color that contrasted with the rest of her look. And years later, both Markle and Kate Middleton have included those trends in their own maternity wardrobes.

But each royal's style is as unique as the women themselves, leaving plenty of room for personal expression in dress. Let's take a look at some of these royal moms' best maternity looks throughout the years.

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