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Beyoncé Loves Target Just Like The Rest Of Us & This Photo Proves It

On one hand, Beyoncé is an otherworldly goddess who transcends the art of music, Instagram, and humanity. On the other hand, she is your typical awesome mom who spends her Sundays browsing the aisles of Target with her daughter. That's right — this weekend, Beyonce and Blue Ivy were spotted shopping at Target, and a fan's photo of the mother-daughter shopping trip has gone viral.

A Twitter user named Ana who works at a Target in Los Angeles shared a photo of the mom and daughter at their local Target. "Sooooooo I saw Beyoncé at work today..." she captioned the shot, which features Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and another woman (who TMZ surmises is Bey's personal assistant) gathered around her shopping cart.

Beyoncé looks like your average Target shopper — except for her stylish shades and furry red high heels, which she paired with jeans, a polka-dot blouse, and a half-up hairdo. Blue Ivy, who looks like she may be in charge of pushing the cart, is dressed a little more casually, in sneakers and a matching sweatshirt and shorts set. The shopping cart is filled to the brim with what looks like Easter eggs and other goodies for the upcoming holiday.

Ana also shared a short video of herself reacting to being in Queen Bey's presence. "Guys, I'm freaking out. Beyoncé is in the store. Beyoncé! That's Beyoncé!" she narrates through heavy breathing. Honestly, I don't blame her. If I was in the same Target as Beyoncé, I'd also need to catch my breath.

Romper spoke with Ana via Twitter DM for more details on the enlightening experience. "No one was able to approach her," Ana tells Romper, explaining that the singer was protected by security detail. "But she did approach some of my coworkers to ask where things were and she was very friendly," Ana tells Romper.

And while she and her coworkers were overjoyed by their surprise customer, they actually weren't too shocked to see her there, considering who had rolled through the store just a few weeks ago. She tells Romper:

Some of my coworkers, like myself, were very excited that she was in the store. Some of us had actually just seen JAY-Z and Blue Ivy in the store about two weeks ago but weren’t able to take any pictures.

Perhaps Bey left JAY-Z and the twins, Sir and Rumi home so she could have some alone time with 6-year-old Blue Ivy. The mom of three has made a point to spend time with her eldest child — without the twins — ever since she got pregnant. Bey and Jay have taken Blue Ivy to the Grammys as well as the Wearable Art Gala, and Bey has also Instagrammed plenty of photos with Blue Ivy, sans Sir and Rumi.

In just over 24 hours, Ana's tweet racked up more than 105,000 likes, 17,000 retweets, and 400 responses. Many replied to the tweet, expressing the appropriate amount of OMG.

Other fans were mostly focused on Beyoncé's high heels. Sure, furry stilettos aren't the most practical footwear for the average Target run — but obviously, Bey rocks them.

This is not the only time Beyoncé has been spotted at Target. In December, a different fan caught the pop star strolling through another California Target with her mom, Tina Lawson, as reported by TMZ.

It shouldn't be a surprise that Beyoncé is a Target customer, considering how much most mortals love the department store. And even though most moms' day-to-day schedules probably differ vastly from Bey's, it's nice to know that when it comes down to it, we're all Target Moms — Beyoncé included.

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