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Blue Ivy's Cutest Moments Show She's A Star In The Making


As the beloved oldest daughter of music's coolest couple, Blue Ivy Carter has been glimpsed court-side at sports games and backstage at Hollywood awards shows. With that kind of pedigree, is it any wonder that Beyoncé and Jay-Z's kiddo has a much more fabulous life, at least according to social media, than practically anyone else? Blue Ivy's cutest moments show mama Beyoncé's pride in her fab offspring, as Billboard newspaper reported.

That's not even mentioning grandma, Tina Knowles, who has documented her granddaughter's stepping stones almost as much as the junior celeb's famous parents have. In fact, it was grandma who showed the world that Blue Ivy is a fabulous dancer and very in tune to etiquette and manners. (At 7, Blue Ivy is the oldest of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's brood, with twins Rumi and Sir born in June 2017, as per O magazine.)

Having both a sister and brother to manage must have really cemented Blue's leader status in the family, with a lot of family posts dedicated to her natural talents and humor. Here's a look at the most adorable moments (that we know about) showcasing Beyoncé and Jay-Z's big girl, who her grandma has dubbed "the second Queen B," as she told Us Weekly.

Ivy & Mom While Pregnant

Just because Beyonce was having twins, the superstar mom-to-be wanted to make it clear to her firstborn that they had an unbreakable bond back in 2017. This sweet pic from B's Instagram gives us a behind-the-scenes feeling into their tender relationship. And while grandma Tina Knowles was quoted by Popsugar as saying that Blue Ivy wanted siblings so badly, she prayed for them before the twins were even a twinkle in mom's eye (aww!) it's still so important for that one-on-one time to still get squeezed in for an older sibling.

She's As Fiercely Fashionable As The 'Rents

Truly proving they are two of a kind, Blue Ivy and mom posed for red-carpet pics as part of their collab on this year's Lion King remake, which Beyonce produced and sang a suet with Blue Ivy on the track "Brown Skin Girl." Although the genetics are a good clue (can you really be surprised that the kid has looks AND talent?), I also feel like you can tell just by looking at these two that Blue also has that "it" factor, the confidence that's just innate.

Blue Ivy's Got Some Serious Moves

Her grandma seems to think she has dancing chops to take on a career like her moms, as Knowles told Us Weekly, and this video proves it. Granted, little kid dancing is always a cute sight, but if your mom is one of the world's leading entertainers and it's in your blood, it's likely you're going to know how to shake it. Save yourself the cash and book Blue Ivy's Word Tour 2029 now, people!

Blue Ivy Tells Grandma The Rules

First kids are typically leaders, knowing how to act properly and where and when the right kind of behavior is needed. So it maybe isn't that much of a surprise that Blue lectured her grandma, who was excitedly videoing the pair's arrival at the ballet in Paris in spring 2018, that the rules stated you were not allowed to videotape inside the theatre. Knowles' camera moving around the place as a 6-year-old reminds her of what's what is just classic, you really have to watch this one!

Blue Ivy Plays Makeup Artist

Sure, most girls play with mom's makeup at some point...but did you do it this expertly? Here, a younger Blue, dating back to a 2016 Instagram post, experiments with sequins and oh, about 200 shades of lipstick, all organized into beautiful black cases as part of a professional-looking makeup spread. Grabbing mom's old Wet N Wild lipgloss and smearing it amateurishly all over your face like some of us did, this ain't.

She Can Pull Off Menswear, Too

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Meanwhile, it's not just the women in the Knowles-Carter family that can rock a night out. Blue Ivy and her dad (oh yeah, that guy) were oh-so-elegant in perfectly contrasting suits at the 2017 Grammys, with Popsugar noting that Blue's fabulous pink suit was designed by Gucci as a tribute to Prince. The menswear-inspired look was fabulously topped by a sparkly pink purse, though, for just the right touch of girlish style, the website added. Honestly, this kid really is too fabulous!

The World Lives To Serve This Girl

Again courtesy of Grandma's social media comes this funny image of Blue Ivy being surrounded by those who love her. "Someone just sent this to me I thought it was very funny it says 'Miss Blue Ivy with her two assistants,'" Knowles posted earlier this year. The idea that this young lady is surrounded by those who will do anything to further her happiness (mom has also been working on trademarking the kid's name for apparel, books and, well, everything that her daughter might want to create in her own image) makes the joke of Blue Ivy being used to having household "help" from the family probably somewhat accurate. After all, this second-generation royal might really end up ruling the world.