Chrissy Teigen and daughter luna
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Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Luna Has An Odd Obsession With Dental Hygiene

Kids all have different interests, and this is of course a truly beautiful thing. As far as I'm concerned, if kids find something that will keep them happy and occupied and not hurting anyone, more power to them. Chrissy Teigen agrees with me in principal and in practice, it seems. Teigen's daughter Luna's "new passion" might not be what one would call average, but it certainly seems like she's supporting it in a very real (if slightly unsettling) way.

Teigen's 3-year-old daughter Luna is well known by her mother's millions of followers on social media as a young girl who knows her own mind. Whether that means she's serving up all the sass a person could ever imagine and then some, "writing" a letter to Santa asking for her own personal ballerina who will "sleep in her bed every night" (I'm assuming she meant a doll but she did not specify), or running her backyard store and selling loads of wine as a child vendor, Luna is endlessly entertaining. As is her 1-year-old brother Miles, of course, but in some ways Luna sort of takes the cake. Particularly when it comes to her newfound interest in the dental arts, a fascination you so rarely see in a toddler. On Tuesday the Cravings cookbook author shared a video of Luna digging right into her mouth to check out her teeth, and this is truly a supportive mother. Teigen captioned the tweet "found another passion."

It appears as though Luna is doing her best to clean her mother's teeth, which is sweet and vaguely disturbing in equal measures. This isn't the first time Luna has shown a vested interest in her mother's hygiene and beauty routine. In April Teigen posted a video of her little girl painting not only her own mother's nails but that of a doll's as well with an impressive kit of nail polish and the caption, "She has wanted to be a manicurist most of her life."

While Luna's interest in manicures might be a little more mainstream as a small child (I know my sons loved having their nails painted on the daily), her interest in cleaning her mom's teeth is perhaps less so. Still, some of Teigen's followers were quick to share their own tales of unique "passions" as children, like this woman who wrote that she and her dad shared a hobby that "was me plucking his ear hairs as a child. I actually loved it." Another follower noted that one famous cartoon character from Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer also loved the world of oral care, "She’s like Hermey the Elf who wants to be a dentist."

I think it's safe to say that Luna is like pretty much no one else. Much like her mom.