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Covfefe Memes Show Trump Won't Live This Down

If you're just waking up this morning, you may want to sit down for Wednesday's news — and pour yourself a fresh, hot cup of your finest covfefe. Oh, what's that, you say? Covfefe is the buzzword that's swept the internet while you were probably asleep Tuesday night, as President Donald Trump and his twitchy Twitter fingers had a bad case of big thumbs when he tweeted, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe" — yup, that's it. Incomplete thought? Check. Made up word? Check. Prime meme fodder? Double check. Covfefe memes on Twitter are Wednesday morning's hot social media commodity, and here are some of the best.

Even though Trump's mysterious midnight tweet has since been deleted, nothing is scrubbed forever from the internet. God bless screenshots, am I right? Within hours, covfefe memes were pretty much everywhere. Some went for the political angle on Twitter, like the Women's March, who turned covfefe into an acronym: " O.nly V.ery F.ragile E.gos F.ear E.quality" — but for every serious political take on Trump's Twitter malfunction Tuesday night, other meme-makers were happy to jump in with absolutely witty and yet still hilariously savage covfefe memes. And now, for your enjoyment: Behold, the best covfefe memes of Wednesday morning.

The Tweet That Started It All

After deleting his tweet, Trump actually joined in on all the fun. Which would be hilarious, if it weren't for the fact that he's the President of the United States.

Define: Covfefe

Meanwhile, poor Merriam-Webster had to play catch up on all the "What does covfefe mean?" action they missed overnight.

Agent Dale Cooper Weighs In

Man, Showtime has really upped their guerrilla marketing for their Twin Peaks revival.

Speaking Of Coffee...

I cannot stop giggling at this tweet, as I drink my covfefe and eat my cup of yogugu for breakfafa.

But What Does Spicey Think?

Oh to be a microwave in the room during that briefing between White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Trump this morning...

Trump's Executive Orders Are Getting Out Of Hand

There is no shortage of "Trump holding up executive order" memes, and a covfefe-inspired GIF was just ripe for the picking on Wednesday.

Covfefe Is Lost In Translation

The Lost in Translation "what did Bill Murray say to Scarlett Johansson" take might be one of the cleverest covfefe memes yet.

That's One Salty Meme You've Got There

You know the internet has lost full control of itself — or has become fully sentient — when Twitter combines SaltBae memes with covfefe memes.

New York's Hottest Nightclub

I miss SNL's Stefan so much.

As of publication, #covfefe was still trending on Twitter, and, judging by the endless stream of memes in its wake, probably isn't going anywhere for at least a little while.