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DIY Last-Minute Halloween Decorations That Are Still Full Of Spooky Spirit

So Halloween is... oh my God, is Halloween this weekend? Between the upcoming election, pandemic news, and, you know, 2020 in general, spooky season may have totally snuck up on you this year. Fortunately, there are plenty of last-minute DIY Halloween decorations online that you can recreate at home. Bonus points if you can limit your shopping trips to one store, or even reuse old decorations you already have around the house and give them new life.

There's no doubt you've seen all the hubbub about candy chutes, zip-lines, giant 12-foot-tall skeletons taking over front yards, and inflatable yard decorations of your favorite movie characters. (Hi, Oogie Boogie!) And with such a rough year, the world deserves to have some extra fun with Halloween this year. But if seeing Halloween on your calendar for this weekend provided your jump scare for the day, it may be a little late to order yard inflatables or build yourself a fancy trick-or-treat contraption.

As always, the bloggers of the world have you covered. There are tons of last-minute decor ideas — for indoor and outdoor Halloween scenes — that will help you get your house in the spirit quickly. Many of these are easy for the kiddos to help with, too, so everyone can have some fun getting in the spirit together.

DIY Fresh Floral Moon Pumpkin

Minimalist Halloween queens, this one's for you. All you need are some household supplies, like scissors, a craft pumpkin, and fresh or faux flowers. The Merry Thought's crafters created a black and white moon silhouette, but you could use any color combination and design to match your aesthetic.

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Centerpiece

This Halloween centerpiece takes a short time to put together, and you can deconstruct decorations from years past to create something totally new. Gypsy Creative's tutorial features inexpensive supplies from the dollar store, so if you need some evil eyeballs or spooky skeletons, making a quick stop there shouldn't take too much time either.

Tomato Cage Halloween Ghosts

This DIY is perfect for outdoor gardeners, ideally those who had a few tomato plants over the summer. You'll need a few tomato cages, the same number of while pillowcases, and black paint or markers. And boom: outdoor ghosts. Set them over top landscape lighting so they're all aglow at nighttime for added effect.

No-Carve DIY Letterboard Pumpkin for Halloween

If you bought a letterboard for a cute, Pinterest-y quote display but find you don't use it much, this tutorial may be the perfect way to repurpose it. Pop it into a foam craft pumpkin and switch out the sayings all week leading up to Halloween — save it for next year's spooky sayings, too.

Easy DIY Halloween Bunting

Making this cute "Boo!" banner only takes a few supplies from the store and a printer that accepts cardstock. If you don't feel like fussing with the printer, painting on your letters should work just as well. Either way, you'll have the cutest bunting decoration to hang indoors or on your front porch for trick-or-treaters to see. (The tutorial for that super cute bat garland, also from Studio DIY, is online, too.)

DIY Black Widow Spider

This black widow comes together with just a couple of styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, and a wooden dowel (if you don't have one, you could probably repurpose a wire clothes hanger or wooden skewers). And since you're making it last-minute, turning it black and red with duct tape instead of paint means no drying time.

Mummy Luminaries

These mummy luminaries might be the cutest front entry decorations ever. With a bit of cheesecloth and some Mod Podge on jars, these little monsters come together quickly and easily. This tutorial was inspired by Pottery Barn mummy candleholders, which the crafty blogger at Mod Podge Rocks managed to make for a much smaller price tag.

Colorful DIY Halloween Wreath

This wreath is simple enough for a beginner to make on the fly; the longest part of the craft is letting your spray paint dry. You can choose any color scheme, too, to match what decor you do have, or make up for a lack of it by using super bright, statement-making hues.

DIY Glitter & Bejeweled Spider Rings

A bag of those super cheap spider rings plus craft glitter and sticky gems equals adorable arachnids that pack a major decorative punch. You can do this craft with kiddos to make their own rings, or hang a faux web (inside or out) they can place their new spider creations all over.

'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Holiday Door

Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas will recognize this tree door, which leads Jack Skellington back to his Halloween home. Using a sturdy foam, you can create one yourself for the biggest tree in your front yard. Use it solo as a subtle nod to your favorite seasonal movie, or incorporate it into a bigger Tim Burton-themed scene.

Easy Halloween Witch & Pumpkin Paper Chains

These paper chains are the ultimate last-minute DIY. You know how to make 'em, you know what supplies you need, and you may have them all at home already if your kiddo enjoys crafts. Whether you want to make pumpkins, witches, Frankenstein monsters, zombies, or something else entirely, you have full creative freedom with this easy idea.