'Game Of Thrones' Sibling Parallels Show That Strong Females Are Everywhere On The Show

Having Jon and Sansa reunite is all well and good and fans everywhere were likely shedding floods of tears over their monumental scene in each other's arms, but Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones was good for more than the reunion of two of our favorite characters. The siblings of Game of Thrones have always been focal points of story lines, and rightfully so. There's the Hound and the Mountain, Cersei and Jaime, and Dany and Viserys, just to name a few of the main players. A common theme that was peppered in throughout the latest season 6 episode was the sibling relationships between brothers and sisters specifically, and in each exchange, there was no shortage of female empowerment.

Between characters like Brienne, Cersei, Arya, and Dany, there has never been a shortage of strong female characters on Game of Thrones. But in episode 4 of season 6 of Game of Thrones, there was a certain amount of focus placed on the important sibling twosomes and the strength of the sisters involved.

It's no secret that stuff is currently hitting the fan, or very much on the verge of doing so, for most of the characters of Game of Thrones. If they aren't on the run from psycho husbands, they're currently imprisoned for protecting their brother, or trying hard to solidify their claim on a nation. Basically, family and siblings have always been huge themes of Game of Thrones, but the point was really driven home in Sunday's episode.

Of course there are brothers and sisters everywhere in Westeros and beyond, but these particular siblings of Game of Thrones are also going to be the difference in who rules different parts of the realm and who lives and dies.

Sansa & Jon

When Sansa is trying to convince Jon that going to war with Ramsay is the only way to right all the wrongs done to their family, he's quick to bring up all of the reasons he'd probably fail in trying. But this is a Sansa we haven't really seen yet - a strong and brave one, not resigned to her sad fate or going through the motions. But she's been through far too much. Seriously, is there a Game of Thrones character's story sadder than Sansa Stark? So she tells Jon that they are going to take back the North, whether he wants to chip in and help or not. For the sake of their family and home that's rightfully theirs. At the risk of sounding awful, you go girl.

Margaery & Loras

The whole reason Margaery is even imprisoned right now is because of her loyalty to her brother. That alone makes her amazing, since she's willing to protect him to the end. But in episode 4 of season 6 of Game of Thrones, we see a very much broken down Loras, barely recognizable thanks to whatever sorts of torture and beatings he's had to endure while locked in his cell. And when he tells his sister that all he wants to do is give up because he "never was strong", she's quick to remind him of his importance in House Tyrell. And despite having been locked up for weeks herself, somehow Margaery has the strength to try and bring him back to life, so to speak, so that they can be strong together.

Yara & Theon

The last time Yara saw Theon, he was a pitiful version of his old self, brainwashed into the broken slave named Reek, and denying any sort of help and escape that she was trying to give him. When he returned home to Pyke in the Iron Islands (for the second time now), she didn't seem to know what to do with him. But it was clear that Theon knew it's she who should be ruling the Iron Islands now that their father is dead, as opposed to their newly home uncle, and definitely over Theon himself. And in the end, after Yara yells at him to stop crying, Theon admits just that.

Strong female characters have been apparent on Game of Thrones since Episode 1, but now more than ever it seems like they're overpowering and out numbering the men, which is pretty important since many of the men of Game of Thrones seem to be kind of broken right now. Females are strong as Hell, right?