You Need These Heated Corgi Slippers In Your Life & You Need Them Now

If you've ever found yourself wondering what Betty White, Selma Blair, Kirstie Alley, Queen Elizabeth, and Alton Brown have in common, then do I have some answers for you. They’ve all been the proud owners of Corgis, and now you too can join their club, thanks to these heated Corgi slippers from Urban Outfitters.

That's right, not only are these slippers cozy and cute, they actually heat up to keep your feet toasty. Just plug in the attached USB cord and wait to feel the warmth start in your toes. I’m seeing a Netflix or Disney+ marathon in my future, made even better by getting under my weighted blanket with these warming my always-freezing feet.

Known as Smoko Heated Slippers, these fleece slippers retail for $35, which seems like a fair price to pay for the absolutely priceless face your dog will give you when he spots you in these bad boys (I mean, very good boys). They'll keep your tootsies cozy for the remaining winter days, and in the warmer months you can turn off the heat and wear them around the house.

While I personally find the Corgi slippers to be super smooshable (they’re smiling, I can’t handle it) maybe you already own enough Corgi memorabilia (like this absolutely perfect and huge Corgi sprinkler) or maybe you’re just not a fan.

Don’t worry: There are warming slippers for you too, and the other options include unicorns, smiley plush dumplings, or the beloved Japanese character, Rilakkuma.

I never really understood why the expression “my dogs are barking” meant having tired feet, but now it all makes sense. While these little Corgis won’t bark, they will keep your weary feet warm and hidden away from the world, you know, incorgnito.