This Ginormous Corgi Yard Sprinkler Shoots Water Out Its Tail, You Guys

Just when we were beginning to feel like we may never experience the warm glow of sunshine again, the latest in water technology has arrived to assuage our fears and remind us that summer 2020 is going to be epic. No, it’s not because of some new twist on ye olde slip-n-slide. Naw, this isn’t about some kind of drone-tossing-water-balloon toy (although… note to self: patent drone-tossing-water-balloon idea). We’re talking about an entirely new take on backyard fun. We give you the Ginormous Corgi Yard Sprinkler.

Someone get Queen Elizabeth on the phone; her pack of corgi pups are going to freak when they see this. Standing at five feet tall, this inflatable pooch is the brainchild of Big Mouth Inc. and one in a series of outrageously large species sprinklers.

Giant sprinklers have definitely been getting more popular over the last few years with families looking to beat the heat at home, but we’re partial to this corgi because, duh, man’s best friend. (And sure, there was that giant corgi pool float last summer, but you don't need to have a pool to play with this oversized sprinkler.) Plus, this massive mutt is so easy to use. It connects to a standard garden hose, anchors to the ground, and shoots water out its tail (producing a conical fountain effect resulting in what we can only imagine is optimal kiddo squealage). We can envision the birthday party laughter now and it is a site to behold.

“The inflatable design also means that it’s lightweight, easy to move, and deflates for compact storage in the off-season,” reads Big Mouth’s website. And it has a two-port valve to make inflation easier on us parents. Of course, if you want to save yourself the trouble of potential hyperventilation, you can spring for Big Mouth’s air pump. What else could a parent ask for?

Suffice to say, the dog days of summer just got a whole lot cooler.