Chrissy Teigen revealed the sex of her third baby.
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Chrissy Teigen Just Casually Revealed The Sex Of Her Third Baby: "Whoops!"

The concept of an elaborate gender reveal has taken a beating this year, which is probably why people are really loving how casually Chrissy Teigen revealed the sex of her third child. Accidental or not, it was a memorable way to share the news that is exciting no matter what.

The Cravings cookbook author and her EGOT-winning husband John Legend are getting ready to welcome a little sibling for 4-year-old daughter Luna and 2-year-old son Miles. The pregnancy came as a big surprise to the couple initially, with Teigen taking one pregnancy test before going in to have her breast implants removed that came back as a false negative before finding out after the fact that she was indeed expecting.

Since announcing her pregnancy, Teigen has been documenting it on social media for her millions of followers. Telling them about her doctor recommended bed rest, her craving for banana chips, the important stuff.

And most recently she shared big news with a seven second video on social media that sees her in bed discussing how the "baby is really, really healthy, and he's big. He's probably... whoops!"

Yes, that's exactly how one of the biggest social media influencers shared the news of her baby boy's sex. By accidentally letting it slip out.

When one of Teigen's followers wrote that this was the "perfect gender reveal," she responded ""no fires and no one shot in the di*k." Teigen was presumably referring to two recent gender reveals that ended in tragedy. On Sept. 5, a couple in California let off colored smoke to reveal their baby's sex and started a fire in 10,000 acres of forest in El Dorado Ranch Park in Yuaipa. Another gender reveal party in Massachusetts saw two parents holding canon cartridges filled with pink and blue smoke in August. This time around, the father managed to shoot himself in the groin with the canon when they set them off to reveal their baby's sex.

Teigen is a trendsetter of the first order, and if her casual way of letting her fans know the sex of her baby becomes a thing on social media, that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Everyone would be safe, and no one would have to keep hitting up Pinterest with more and more elaborate ideas to keep upping the ante for gender reveal inspiration.