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How The Royal Family Leaves Kensington Palace Is Straight Out Of A James Bond Movie

by Korey Lane

If you're anything like me, you've probably imagined your life as a royal many, many times. But, odds are, those fantasies probably involved more champagne and tiaras than security guards and secret exits. But in reality, the latter is a lot more realistic of what life as a royal is like. Seriously, how the royals get in and out of Kensington Palace is basically straight out of a James Bond movie. And no, that's not really an exagerration.

Obviously, being a member of the royal family is an exciting thing. Sure, there's glitz and glamour, but there are also practical matters of privacy and safety. And while you might not ever consider all the logistical issues that come with being a royal, make no mistake — they exist. Furthermore, it would probably be pretty difficult for Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their three children to leave the premises without being spotted. So, it makes sense that, as Hello! Magazine reported, the royal family has a certain way of going about leaving Kensington Palace and coming back home.

In fact, according to video shared by Hello! Magazine, members of the royal family have a literal helicopter awaiting them when they want to leave home. Yeah, you read that right.

Basically, in an effort to maintain safety and also beat that five-o'clock rush, the royal family gets to ride in a helicopter when they want to leave Kensington Palace or really, between most of their homes throughout England. According to Hello! Magazine, the royals' exit strategy involves "a helicopter landing in the grounds of the palace at Hyde Park" noting that "timing and efficiency is key." The publication added, "a chauffeured car waits for the royals and whisks them off to their home, while armed police officers stand guard on the lawn."

Basically, they're ready to be off in a moment's notice — and that's important. The royal family is known all across the world, and as unfortunate as it is, they're often targeted in threats from people everywhere. So knowing that they're extra careful when leaving the safety of their home, while impressive, is nice to hear.

This isn't the only the time the royal family has been known to use a helicopter as a means of transportation. In fact, the head of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth II herself was recently spotted traveling via helicopter to meet her newest great-grandson, Prince Louis, back in April. Basically, the royal family is just as fabulous as you'd imagined, but they're also extremely practical, too.

News that the royal family takes such extreme safety precautions while traveling makes perfect sense, especially after reports that an ISIS supporter threatened the royal family, and specifically named Prince George's school in the process.

Hopefully, though, now that the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has come and gone, things will calm down a bit over at Kensington Palace. But that might just be wishful thinking; the world has also been a little obsessed with where the newlyweds might be going on their honeymoon, and are already wondering when they're going to have children.

For now, the royal family should be able to enjoy at least a little bit of privacy. After the whirlwind year — err, nine months, really — that they've had, everyone deserves a little break. But at least when they do need to escape, they can with the assistance of helicopters and private cars.

As Markle and Prince Harry settle into their new lives together, hopefully they'll be having plenty of fun while also accomplishing their royal duties. Helicopters and all.