Jennifer Garner does kids crafts alone now that her kids aren't toddlers any longer.
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Jennifer Garner Making A Paper Snowman Without Her Kids Is Honestly Every Mom — VIDEO

Her kids may have gotten older and more mature, but Jennifer Garner is still doing the crafts they did together in the good old days. The toddler days, if you will. In a hilarious video on Instagram, the 47-year-old actress is the epitome every mom as she sits there and cuts out a snowman all on her lonesome.

If you follow Garner on social media, you know she loves being a mom to her three children she shares with ex-husband Ben Affleck. Whether that means she's camping out in her backyard with her kids — 14-year-old daughter Violet, 11-year-old daughter Seraphina, and 7-year-old son Sam — or happily heading down to bring them to the school bus in her robe, she's all over it. But that doesn't mean the 13 Going On 30 actress is always ready for her kids to get bigger and more mature on her, as evidenced by a video Garner shared on Monday of her "favorite lazy day tradition." The only problem? Her kids are sort of over the tradition now.

In the video share posted on Instagram, Garner explains that the craft in question — cutting out three circles of white craft paper and gluing them to another piece of construction paper — is her "favorite thing to do with toddlers except the problem is that my toddlers have grown up." Unfortunately, as she admits, her art skills appear to have stalled at paper snowmen so she has bravely decided to soldier on and make them on her own. "It's the only art I can do so I'm going to do it anyways," she says.

Dressed in her checkered pajamas, Garner creates a snowman with a red scarf and a black hat on a blue background and even adds sparkles. You know, the kind of art a toddler might do and moms have perfected over the years. And boy does she enjoy it. As she adds some eyes to the new snowman, Garner says, "There you are! I always feel better when you have eyes." And when she makes the "bold move" to add a jaunty red scarf, Garner asks herself, "Why not though? The wind is blowing."

Several of Garner's social media followers supported her decision to embrace her craft skill level and power on without her kiddos. "I just spent an hour making paper snowflakes by myself!" one follower commented. "My youngest child is 27 and hasn’t lived at home for four years!"

This isn't the first time Garner has carried on some childhood traditions without her littles. Last year, for instance, the Camping actress admitted she was disappointed because her kids wouldn't let her pick their Halloween costume. But don't worry, she still got to pick her own and went out dressed as a mailbox.

Jennifer Garner may have discovered a coping mechanism for kids growing up that we can all emulate: Stay a kid yourself, keep doing all the fun things without them, and start creating some construction paper snowmen after the kids go to bed — with a jaunty red scarf, of course.