'Star Wars' & 'Frozen 2' Fans Alike Will Love The New Disney Boxes From KIDBOX

I know you probably thought your toddler had finally "let it go, let it go" when it came to wearing an Elsa dress every day and singing like a slightly less talented (but just as confident) Idina Menzel, but Frozen 2 is coming out in late November, so get ready for the second wave of fandom to hit hard. The encouraging news is that you may be able to get your child in some Frozen-inspired clothes that are not entirely made of polyester and tulle, because KIDBOX has new Disney boxes, and they’re cuter than ever.

In addition to Frozen 2, the KIDBOX'S limited-edition Disney release includes Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Star Wars-themed boxes (if knowledge of the force is not with you, a new Star Wars movie is also coming out this December). Each box retails for $48 while supplies last and includes four to five items; in one version of the Frozen box (the contents vary slightly depending on clothing size), there’s a blanket or a backpack, a set of pajamas, a long-sleeved shirt, and a sparkly tutu, of course. The Frozen 2 box is available in sizes 2T-10 and the Star Wars option comes in sizes 4-10; perfect for Jedis of all ages.

KIDBOX is a kids' style box that combines cool brands with a “mission to clothe children in need,” according to the company’s website. The service follows a subscription-style model (like Rent The Runway or Nuuly), but instead of renting the clothes, they’re yours to own.

Every season, a box arrives in the mail with five or six pieces from brands you may already know and love (Under Armour,Converse, Art & Eden, and Splendid, to name a few).

You’re under no obligation to keep all the pieces in the box, but if you do love each item (and your kiddo probably will) the company donates clothes to children in need as part of their mission to clothe one million kids. KIDBOX works with giving partner, Delivering Good, to distribute donations through a network of over 700 community social service agencies. So far, the website says they’ve donated over $12 million worth of clothes, and the Disney-themed boxes are a part of that giving back mission.

Shipping and returns are free (which is so much easier than going to a store). And speaking of going to stores, shopping for clothes with your kids in a physical location is pretty much the worst. Not only do they have to change in and out of at least ten different outfits in a tiny space without losing track of their own clothes (I was the kid who somehow always lost my socks in dressing rooms) there’s also no guarantee that anything will fit, and there’s nearly a 100 percent chance that at least one thing will be itchy and another will result in tears (potentially yours).

KIDBOX makes buying new clothes fun. One of the things that makes the service feel especially bespoke is that before your first box ships, you'll fill out a questionnaire about your child: their name, size, likes, and activity level. There’s a section of the questionnaire where you can pick images of clothes you like, and it may help your child feel a sense of autonomy if they get to select the styles they’re drawn to. There's an option to pick different sizes for tops and bottoms (you can mix and match 3T and 4T for example, which is a game changer for children who may be different sizes on top and bottom, or are between sizes).

The service also presents a unique opportunity to talk with your child about ways to give back to others, which is always a conversation worth having. KIDBOX is a great way to get the holiday season started on a charitable note while keeping your littlest Luke Skywalker and Anna or Olaf fans looking stylish and feeling confident. KIDBOX really is a gift that keeps on giving, so grab one while you can.