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Nicole Tuck's Quotes About Motherhood Show She Loves It

Between his stunning performance of "I'm The One" at the 2017 BET Awards and his recent collaboration with none other than Beyoncé on the track "Shining," DJ Khaled is everywhere these days. And where the preeminent music producer of the moment is, his baby son, Asahd Tuck Khaled, probably is, too. The 8-month-old is such a mainstay in his fathers professional life that he has executive producer credit on his dad's most recent album, Grateful. The Asahd and DJ Khaled are just two-thirds of one fantastic family. KJ Khaled's fiancée keeps a much lower profile, but Nicole Tuck's quotes about motherhood show she's just as devoted to her son.

Although she spends very little time in the limelight, unlike her fiancé and son, Tuck's presence is a strong one: She acts in the unofficial capacity of of Khaled's business manager and rep, she once started her own clothing line called ABU Apparel, and she's big on philanthropic outreach. She's keeps a relatively low profile, rarely speaking publicly about motherhood or anything else. But she is engaged to an entertainment titan who's certifiably obsessed with his son, so her own love for the little baby can't help but to shine through as well. And the few snippets that do show she's pretty in love with Ashad as well.

"It's Amazing."

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At a VH1 event to honor moms in May, La La Anthony asked Tuck what it was like to be the mother of little Asahd, who's probably one of the most recognizable babies in the world. "It's amazing, but you know I've been a mother for like 14 years to this man right here," she answered, referred to DJ Khaled himself.

The Boys Sleeping

And she meant it. In November, little more than a month after she gave birth to the couple's baby boy, she posted an Instagram photo of father and son side-by-side in bed, snoozing. "My two boys sleeping," she captioned the pic, in a perfect distillation of what it means to her to be a part of her family.

Too Much Social Media!

Around that same time, she shared a photo of baby Asahd with his hand over his face. "My daddy is posting everything smh lol," she captioned the picture, imagining what her son must be thinking. It's more likely that that's what she was actually thinking about Khaled, who infamously documented the baby's birth on Snapchat.

Lookin' Fly

But Tuck herself can't help but to post precious Asahd moments, either. Honestly, how could you, when your infant son is already making a splash at awards shows? Here's what she wrote to accompany a ridiculously adorable pic of Asahd looking cuter than cute in a baby tuxedo for his first ever such event:

Asahd in his custom tux at the AMA's 2016 his first award show and many more to come gotta get those suits ready! Lol
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Overall, Nicole Tuck doesn't say much in public, but her fiancé sure does. And in a recent VH1 video, he addressed the question of "What makes Nicole Tuck the best mother?" And his answer illustrated the bond between mother and son:

What makes Nicole the best mother? You know, no words can describe the love that she has for my son and her son, and it's our son, it's our family. So, there's really no words that can explain it. It's just something that I see and I feel when my son smiles. It can be Nicole feeding my son, or changing my son, or going swimming with my son, or just the moments that they're just talking to each other and hugging each other. It's that smile. Asahd, my son, when she smiles, that’s God smiling on us and also smiling on Asahd. So it’s a feeling. It's not words. It's a feeling.

Could they be more precious?