Joe Jonas' daughters, Alena and Valentina, are his biggest fans.
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These Photos Of Kevin Jonas & His Daughters Are Too Cute

by Casey Suglia

While he has a band of brothers behind him, looking at photos of Kevin Jonas with his kids proves they're his biggest and cutest supporters. The Jonas Brothers are nominated for one Grammy Award this year for their song "Sucker" and will also be performing on Sunday night, so it's pretty much guaranteed that Kevin's two daughters will be cheering him on the whole night.

When the Jonas Brothers temporarily split up in 2013, Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas took six years to live their lives before reuniting in 2019, making a huge comeback and getting nominated for their second Grammy Award. Over the years, Kevin became a father, welcoming two daughters with his wife Danielle. They welcomed their first child, Alena Rose, in February 2014. And in November 2016, Danielle gave birth to their second child, Valentina Angelina.

Kevin told NPR in August that he needed the band's break to spend time with his family: "I needed to spend time at home and be with my family and my children and be a father... And because of it, I think we're stronger today then we were even then."

Kevin's devotion to his daughters shows, especially on Instagram where he and his wife are constantly posting the cutest photos of them.

"Kevin's My Dad"

Finding out your dad is a huge rockstar might seem like a shock, but it seems like Alena and Valentina absolutely love it. The two girls have appeared to make themselves at home on tour, even wearing the cutest shirts that say "Not to brag, but Kevin's my dad" during one of his recent tour stops.

In another adorable video posted on Kevin's Instagram, Alena and Valentina can be seen jamming out to their dad playing music, enjoying every single second of it.

#1 Fans

Still, Alena seems to be a little surprised that her dad is a huge celebrity. In one video posted on Kevin's Instagram account, Alena can be seen shyly admitting that her dad is "one of the Jonas Brothers."

Danielle admitted to E! News in September that her daughters love watching their dad perform. "They'll be by the stage and they'll be waving to them and if they don't get a wave, they'll look at me and say, 'Why are they not waving?'," she said. "I'll look at them and say, they're looking at a lot of people right now but they love you." Awwwwww.

Family Time With Famous Uncles & Famous Aunts

Not only are their uncles famous, but their aunts are celebs, too, as both Nick and Joe are married to actresses. During a 2019 appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, though, Kevin admitted that Valentina was initially a little jealous of Nick's wife, actress Priyanka Chopra, because she's "really connected to" her uncle. Considering that Chopra is holding Valentina in this photo, it seems like her attitude quickly changed.

Picture Perfect Cuties

Between red carpets and photo shoots, Kevin, of course, has a lot of practice posing for photos. And in this adorable portrait with his daughters and wife, it's evident that his girls know how to work a camera, too.

Talented, Just Like Their Dad

Being photogenic isn't the only trait they've inherited from their dad; they've also proven themselves to be musically and artistically talented little girls. In fact, Kevin shared that a photo of a hand-drawn collage made by his daughters would be in every single physical copy of Happiness Begins.

Kevin has also shared videos of his daughters singing and practicing their best rockstar moves.

Loving Those Rockstar Perks

While they aren't celebs themselves, Alena and Valentina still get to enjoy some of those rockstar perks. For example, Kevin posted an adorable photo of his two girls on the set of Saturday Night Live ahead of his big performance with his brothers.

Birthday Kisses

Cleary, Kevin and his girls love to celebrate special days with each other, as evidenced in this adorable Instagram shot.

R&R With Dad

Between SNL set visits and hanging out with the fam, Kevin's daughters also seem to appreciate the beauty of R&R. In October, Kevin admitted during a Chicks In The Office podcast episode that being a dad while being on tour is tough, so getting to chill out with his daughters when he can is a must. "Say we have a day off, [I] get up at 5 and fly home, turn it around the next morning, and I'll be home for 18 hours," he said. "There isn't much of a balance...but at least you're there."

Holiday Photo Pros

Kevin and Danielle's family can take some seriously cute holiday photos. Just look at this adorable one where they're all color coordinating.

Singing With Dad

Kevin and his daughters have such a strong bond, and that could not be more apparent in this video Danielle shot of Kevin and Alena singing "How Far I'll Go" from Moana. Just wait until Alena and Valentina learn that their dad and uncles had their own Disney sitcom...

All Smiles

Just look at how adorable these girls are in their floral dresses.

Say Cheese!

Although Kevin surely has a busy schedule, he still gets to enjoy life's simple pleasure, like eating breakfast with his girls.


Between personal concerts and family parties, you can tell Kevin's daughters have so much fun with their dad, especially when they play with filters.

Snuggles With Dad

When they're not watching him rock out on stage, it's clear Kevin's daughters love to get some one-on-one time with their dad.