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Celebrate International Day Of The Girl With 12 Queenly Photos Of Princess Charlotte

The odds are against Princess Charlotte ever becoming Queen. She is fourth in line for the throne after her grandfather Prince Charles, father Prince William, and older brother Prince George. If she were to become Queen, it would perhaps mean something tragic has happened and nobody wants that. But just because she won't be the Queen of England doesn't mean she's not already regal. As the world celebrates International Day of the Girl, let's all take a moment to enjoy these photos of Princess Charlotte being a total queen. They prove she doesn't need the crown — as far as she's concerned, she's already wearing one.

Princess Charlotte already made history as the first girl in the British monarchy to hold her place in line for the throne after another male heir was born after her, her 1-year-old brother Prince Louis. Traditionally speaking, 4-year-old Princess Charlotte would have been knocked down to fifth in line for the throne after Prince Louis' birth, behind her baby brother and 6-year-old Prince George. But, as the whole world should have known, Princess Charlotte is not the kind of girl to be ousted for a boy. The 2013 Succession To The Crown Act did away with the rule... just in time for Princess Charlotte to be born in 2015. Coincidence? I think not.

The world knew she was coming and that she would be a girl who keeps her place in line, no matter what that line might be leading towards. And these photos prove that just.

The Queen Of Sass

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This girl has no time for photographers bothering her and she has one way of letting them know: giving them the old raspberry. Like this time at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding when she was a bridesmaid in a flower crown trying to enjoy her moment.

Queen Of Sass Strikes Again

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And this time Princess Charlotte was apparently sticking her tongue out at her grandfather, Tony Middleton, at the King's Cup Regatta, as Harper's Bazaar reported. Maybe because it wasn't called the Queen's Cup and she didn't love it.

Princess Charlotte & The Waves

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Nobody does the royal wave like Princess Charlotte. Perhaps because she learned so early....

Learning From The Best

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Perhaps Princess Charlotte has nailed the royal wave because she pays attention and makes sure to take her lessons from the best. Her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace no less.

Waving Off The Paps

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Here she is visiting her new baby brother Prince Louis at St. Mary's Hospital in London, sharing her regal wave and casually reminding us all that she is a total queen.

Always Time For A Royal Meltdown

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A queen lets her emotions run free no matter what. Even if her mother is begging her to knock it off... it's not healthy to stifle your emotions, you know.

Also A Royal Sneeze

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Bless you, little queen.

"You're Not Coming"

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Princess Charlotte's relationship with photographers is a tumultuous one, because a young queen doesn't always want to be followed around, you know. Even at her little brother's christening, when she made it very clear to photographers that they were not coming in, no matter what.

A Queen Of A Nickname

Princess Charlotte's nickname from her father Prince William is "Mignonette," according to HuffPost, which is basically French for adorable sweetheart. I feel like she picked it herself.

Always The Best Accessories

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Who needs a crown when you can have a sparkly unicorn attached to your backpack for the first day of school? Also don't forget to make your mother the Duchess of Cambridge carry that bag for you.

Know Your Angles, Queen

Princess Charlotte knows how to pose in every situation... go on and find me another little queen who can look regal in sneakers posing in the grass, I'll wait.

A Loving Monarch

Sure, Princess Charlotte might be sassy and spunky and cool. But look at this photo of her with her baby brother at his christening... she is also full of love. And this is why we love her on International Day of the Girl Child and every day. Also because of the sass...