This Sparkly Pink Skull From Pier 1 Brings All The Halloween Bling

As far as Halloween decorations go, you really only have a few choices. You can have a precocious pumpkin, an animated serial killer, your garden-variety skeleton, or a cartoon character dressed up for the holiday. So basically, your ornaments are going to be scary, silly, garish, gory, or kid-friendly. But pretty hasn’t always been an option — until now. The Bejeweled Pink Halloween Skull from Pier 1 is gorgeously ghoulish.

It’s safe to say that my family and I are Halloween fanatics. Every year, we wait for the weather to dip ever-so-slightly, and my husband makes his annual trek up into our attic to take down the decorations. This process takes well over an hour, as we have more ornaments for Halloween than we do for Christmas. But with two little ones, we’ve had to tone down the fear factor because I don’t want the displays to give them nightmares.

Which is what makes the Pier 1 Bejeweled Pink Halloween Skull so precious and perfect. It has enough spookiness to capture the Halloween spirit without totally creeping you out when you look at it. It’s covered in faux pearls and sexy sequins. It’s also petite, measuring just 5 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It’s made from resin (and not, you know, human bone). And since it’s pink, it’s also very much in style.

When you’re decorating for Halloween, sometimes the more, the better. You might have a mantel full of creepy old photos that morph into monstrosities when you walk past them, or a display of sinister-looking jack-o-lanterns. But the pink skull is truly a centerpiece and should be on prominent display. Plus, at $18, it’s not a break-the-bank purchase.

And can we just talk about her accessories for a minute? She (because what else are we going to call her?) is werking a dainty cascade of sequins, pearls, and other stones. She’s at once classic yet trendy, since a side ponytail never really goes out of vogue. It makes you wonder who her post-mortem stylist was, because he or she was totally on point.

What’s also cool about the pink skull is that even though she boasts a big pearl in one eye, (which could kind of look like an eyeball), she doesn’t have a matching one in her other socket. That would have made her look like she was looking right at you. And it would have definitely taken away from her fabulosity factor.

In addition to the pink skull, Pier 1 has skulls in other shades like the Bejeweled Turquoise Halloween Skull ($18), and the bone-colored Bejeweled Skull Halloween Décor ($20). And that's not all they have in the Halloween department: The Pink Pumpkin With Crown ($15) is a great companion piece for the skull. Other adorable options include the handcrafted LED Light-Up Mercury Glass Pumpkin ($35), which is made from silver and nickel. And the bling is booming on the Champagne Sparkle Pumpkins ($25-$30), which are encrusted in crystals, sequins, and studs. With their ombre appearance, they can mix and match well with other items.

The pink skull from Pier 1 is truly pretty in pink and can make your Halloween much more sophisticated — and spooktacular, too.