Prince Louis has a favorite vegetable and it's actually healthy, according to his mom.
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Prince Louis Has Sophisticated Taste In Vegetables, According To Kate Middleton

When my sons were toddlers, they were terrible eaters. I think I might still have PTSD from battling with them to eat vegetables, any vegetables. This is apparently not the case for 18-month-old gourmand Prince Louis. I guess being a royal baby gives you a discerning palate because Prince Louis has sophisticated taste in vegetables, according to his mom Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge is a bit of a foodie herself, as evidenced by her recent BBC holiday special alongside former Great British Bake-Off host Mary Berry called A Berry Royal Christmas. The two women teamed up along, with Prince William, to create a holiday feast to honor volunteer staff who would be working over the holidays. As so often happens, once Middleton and Berry were in the kitchen they started to talk about food. Specifically vegetables that the mom of three grows in her royal vegetable patch, where she actually grows her own food.

During the holiday special, according to The Daily Express, Middleton explained to Berry that the Cambridge family grows their own vegetables and then gave a short list of what's in the soil these days, including Prince Louis' particular favorite. "We grow our own vegetables. We’ve got carrots, beans, beetroot — a massive favorite — Louis absolutely loves beetroot," Middleton said.

That's right, his royal highness Prince Louis isn't just willing to tolerate beetroot, he "absolutely loves it." And now I'm mad at my own kids for all of those animal crackers they ate.

The fact that Prince Louis likes beetroot at just 18 months old bodes well for his future health. The root vegetable is packed with vitamins like folic acid, fiber, manganese, and potassium. Especially the greens, according to BBC Good Food, which can be cooked and eaten much like spinach. While most people tend to eat beets cooked or pickled (the best, in my opinion), they can be eaten raw, too. Although I suspect little Prince Louis eats them in gourmet salads with a salad fork and pinkie finger high in the air and everything.

The younger brother of 6-year-old Prince George and 4-year-old Princess Charlotte seems to be pretty serious about food, beetroot love aside. One of his first words was actually the name of his mother's favorite chef, apparently. None other than Mary Berry herself, perhaps because his mother is a super fan of the cookbook author and TV personality. As she explained in their recent BBC One holiday special, “One of Louis’s first words was 'Mary,' because right at his height are all my cooking books in the kitchen bookshelf." Royals, they have celebrity crushes just like us.

As for Prince George and Princess Charlotte, their tastes tend to be slightly more pedestrian than those of Prince Louis. They've been said to both like cheesy pasta and pizza, it seems. Agreed, you tiny royals. Agreed.