Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte both like diggers.
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Like All Kids, Princess Charlotte & Prince Louis Apparently Love Diggers

Just like every other kid on the planet, Prince William and Kate Middleton recently revealed that Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are also obsessed with a certain device used in heavy construction. Yes, that's right, the royals kids also can't get enough of diggers.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently visited the London Bridge Job Centre as part of their official royal duties and had a conversation with a construction company's community engagement manager, Lloyd Graham. According to People, Graham was there to hire employees for demolition work and Prince William told him his kids would be big fans. "The children, especially Louis would love to come and watch that, to see the diggers, they love it," Prince William said, according to the magazine.

Middleton agreed that their 2-year-old son Prince Louis loved a good digger but reminded her husband that their 5-year-old daughter was a fan as well. "Don't forget Charlotte! She'd love it too," People reported Middleton said.

Considering the popularity of the theme park Diggerland, it's probably safe to say that Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis aren't the only digger-loving kids out there. Maybe someone should tell them there is a whole theme park full of diggers, and there are even locations in the United Kingdom for their royal convenience. Imagine a royal visit to Diggerland? Incredible.

Diggers and other construction-based interests are clearly not the dominion of truck-obsessed little boys. As Kate Middleton reminded her husband, her daughter loves them too. And this isn't the first time Middleton has eschewed gender stereotypes when it comes to fostering her children's interests. Prince George has taken ballet at Thomas's Battersea School in London, because #BoysDanceToo. And Middleton admitted in 2018 that she and her kids all enjoy going on spider hunts around their country home of Anmer Hall in Norfolk County. The thrifty duchess has also been gender neutral with her kids' hand-me-downs, passing clothing from 7-year-old Prince George to his sister Princess Charlotte, and passing her clothes on down to Prince Louis.

Ultimately the Cambridge kids are just that — kids. They dance, they hunt for spiders, they wear each other's hand-me-downs, and they like diggers.