From Laundry-Folding Machines To Smart Diapers: The Future Is Here, Parents

Being a parent in these techo-days has its ups and downs. Ordering diapers to your house with just a touch on your Amazon app? Love. Your 3-year-old won't stop insisting that they really need your phone right now, now, now Mama! ... not so love. But, we're of the mind that having tech on our side ~usually~ helps more than it hurts when it comes to parenting (hello, baby monitors and wipe warmers!), and these tech products and gadgets parents will love from CES 2019 will get you even more excited about the possibilities of tech making our lives easier.

Okay, backing up: CES is the annual convention put on by the Consumer Technology Association, acting as "the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace" for the last fifty years as the CES website explains. All the big tech products for the coming year launch at the convention, with hundreds of companies gathering to show off their progress. Romper traveled the show floors this year (and read many, many press releases) to find all of the amazing things that we think moms in particular are going to find verrrrry exciting.

We've already written about some of the most incredible baby tech products we saw this year (and included those links below!), so here we've focused mostly on the stand-outs in the smart home, fertility, and health categories. Obviously, not all of the products showcased at CES are geared toward parents — I'm not sure why you would need a walking car? — but there are tons of innovations that that really could make the day to day easier as you try to wrangle the tiny humans controlling your life. So read on for 20 CES finds that could be the best thing that happened to you since your baby was born, and get excited for the future of parenting, when eventually the robots will do all the hard work!

Foldimate, The Laundry Folding Machine Of Your Dreams

Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Call off the dogs, the hunt is over. I have found the single most important invention in all of human history. Okay I'm kidding, but a laundry folding machine is pretty revolutionary. Foldimate is the first fully functional machine that will fold your clothes for you; all you have to do is feed your freshly laundered items into it. The machine can allegedly fold an entire load of laundry in under five minutes, which seems almost unfathomable to me.

Despite it seeming too good to be true, it really is happening; the company is launching the first round of products in late 2019 according to the company's site, and the products will retail for about $980. That's pretty steep, but it's about the same as a washing machine or dryer... and hopefully in a few years it'll get more affordable!

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TytoHome Doctor Kit

Sick of schlepping your kiddo to the doctor every time they have a cough? TytoHome gets you, which is why it provides you with an at home medical kit and accompanying app that allows you to perform a guided medical exam on your family members with the help of a doctor — anytime, anywhere. The video consultant can even provide you with a prescription, so you don't have to take your kiddo to the pediatrician and risk exposing them to even more germs. Plus, everything is protected with HIPA, so you don't have to worry about your info getting leaked.

The kits are on the market and available through your healthcare provider or health system right now, so you can cancel that last minute appointment you just made. All you have to do is fill out the form here to see if you qualify, and say goodbye to those biweekly doctor's visits every time your youngest has the sniffles.

Elvie, The Silent Wearable Breast Pump

Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

All breastfeeding moms know that pumping is a struggle for all kinds of reasons, but the obnoxious noises of the machines and cumbersome cords make it extremely difficult to be discreet when you need to pump. Enter Elvie, "the world's first silent, wearable breast pump" that allows you to pump wherever you are, whenever you need. CEO and co-founder Tania Boler, shared at the Baby Tech panel at CES that because it's a medical device, the Elvie required extensive research and development, and she made sure to put women at the center of all that R&D.

The Elvie comes with a companion app that allows you to track your milk volume, the pump history of each breast, and control the pump without having to actually touch it. Boler seriously thought of everything to make pumping simpler, and consumers are loving the results — it's only available via waitlist right now.

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AVA Fertility Tracker 2

You've probably heard of AVA, the bracelet that tracks your fertility and helps you conceive, often seen on influencers and celebs. The brand unveiled the second edition of their product at CES, highlighting the sleeker look and improved sensor pod, which can better explain what's happening with your cycle. The company also launched an accompanying app that will "connect users to a community of women who are also trying to conceive and continues tracking throughout pregnancy," according to WIRED. Happy conceiving!

AVA, $299, AVA

KitchenAid Smart Display With Google Assistant

Say hello to the smart device designed for your messy kitchen. Created by Whirlpool, the KitchenAid Smart Display with Google Assistant is basically like any other Google Assistant-equipped device, responding to your voice and having the ability to pull up YouTube videos, etc. But it has the added benefit of water jet-resistant 10-inch screen, as Verge reports, so it can withstand your craziest kitchen experiments. Verge also says the device will come equipped with recipes from Yummly, another Whirlpool brand, and the ability to control your other smart devices.

The KitchenAid Smart Diplay isn't on sale yet, but according to C-NET, it will be available in the second half of 2019 and will retail somewhere between $200 and $300. Mother's day present 2019 anyone?

The Monit Smart Diaper

Did you ever think the day would come when you didn't have to smell your baby's diaper to see if they needed to be changed? Well, think again. At CES, Monit Corporation unveiled their Smart Baby Monitor, which can act as a night light, air quality monitor, and a diaper sensor. You clip the sensor onto your baby's diaper, and the device will notify you via an app when your baby needs changing.

The product already launched in Korea and Japan at the end of last year, and the company will be partnering with Kimberly Clark to bring the tech to Huggies in April of 2019. Smelling dirty diapers is so last year.

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Proov At-Home Progesterone Test

Wearing a fertility bracelet isn't for everyone, and Proov is here to serve the community of women who'd rather check in about the comings and goings of their cycle more casually. Basically, Proov is the first-ever at-home progesterone ovulation test. Women confirm ovulation and track progesterone (a hormone that is key for conception) with Proov's test strips in three steps – collect urine sample, dip test and wait for 5 mins, read results.

The product was created after the company's founder and CEO suffered seven miscarriages, and discovered on her own that her hormone levels were making it hard for to conceiveand carry a baby to term, and she became dedicated to helping other women take control over their journey to motherhood.

Proov, $40, Proov

CareOS Mirror

Behold, the first smart mirror. CareOS offers health and beauty smart features to take your bathroom experience to the next level. According to the careOS site, features include a magnifier, vision tests, the ability to virtually try on clothes, AR tutorials, fitness coaching, teleconferencing, an air quality tracker, a 360 degree video that lets you see your progress from every angle, face recognition and voice command, an accompanying app, and special features for hotels. Basically, your mirror can become your built-in trainer and best friend that helps you pick your outfits. Who wouldn't want this?

Details about buying careOS aren't live yet, but stay tuned for more info.

Samsung's Front Load Washing Machine With Planning Technology

Courtesy of Samsung

We've all played the risky game of throwing in a load of laundry when we're not totally sure we'll be home when it needs to be changed (and it usually ends with you having to redo the load, ugh). To solve that problem, Samsung created a washing machine that lets you pick the exact time you want your load to finish. And, their Laundry Recipe lets you tell the app about the clothes you want to wash — material, color, stain details, etc.— and it'll set the exact cycle you need. Amazing. Combined with the folding machine, you'll forget you ever complained about laundry.

On sale dates and pricing haven't been announced yet, but you can expect to see the planner friendly washing machines on the market sometime this year.

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The Samsung Robot Trio

Samsung unveiled three new robots designed to help make home life simpler at CES, and their capabilities are honestly wild. The Bot Care is designed to help the elderly, which would be super helpful for moms who are also caregivers to their parents; Bot Air checks the air quality in your home, aiding you in making sure your family is in a safe environment; and Bot Retail is supposed to help in shopping environments. Tom's Guide offers a full rundown of the three bots, as does the video above.

The tech giant hasn't offered any info on when these products will hit the market, but it's clear the age of coexisting with robots is on the horizon.

Petcube Bites 2 Snack Dispenser

The smartest guys in pet monitoring just got even smarter, as Petcube unveiled Bites 2.0 at CES, the new and improved HD pet camera that can also give your pet snacks. Version 2 has an "updated treat flinging mechanism" for giving your good boy a treat according to C-NET, as well as Amazon Alexa voice compatibility and a new and improved 180 degree camera.

Pricing and on-sale dates haven't been announced yet, but you can get the first version of Bites on the Petcube website in the meantime, as shown in the video above.

Seraphin Digital Detox Aid

Plagued by insomnia even though you're exhausted? It's no surprise your smart phone probably has something to do with it, and Seraphin is here to help. The company's goal is to help people digitally detox in a way that will actually change their habits, acting as "a sleep guardian angel that gives you a digital curfew." The package includes a book that keeps your phone safe while you sleep, an app that helps you track your sleep, applewatch integration, and a radio app that's basically a sleep machine. It's definitely worth trying for anyone attempting to put up better boundaries between themselves and the technology in their life, or any parent trying to get their teen to lay off the cell for a bit.

According to Business Wire, the first iteration of the product will be available in fall 2019, and it will cost $50. So here's to better sleeping by 2020?

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Legrand Smart Light Switches

Noticing the problem of having smart lightbulbs all over your house but not a smart device in every room to turn them off, Legrand has designed speakers that can communicate directly with Amazon Alexa's voice assistant, WIRED explains. An electrical and digital infrastructure company, Legrand's michrophone brings the power of voice to your entire home. Imagine how much easier bedtime would be if you could just say "Alexa, turn off the lights" from any room in the house.

On sale dates aren't live for the US yet, but WIRED estimates they will be released "soon," whatever that means in technology time.

LavvieBot Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Sick of changing your cat's litter box? Then you'll love this self-changing litter box from PurrSong. LavvieBot boasts being the "smartest automatic litter box," and you'll probably agree after you check out the app that tells you when to change the box and keeps up with your kitty's health.

PurrSong will launch an Indiegogo campaign in May 2019 to get the product going, estimating the product will retail for about $379.

Ulo At Home Monitoring Owl

If you were tired of robots feeling so robot-like, Mu Designs has a solution. Say hello to Ulo, the surveillance owl that communicates with you via facial expressions. The device films your house when you activate "alert mode," sending you email alerts and videos when it detects unexpected movements. The expressions are intended to make you feel bonded to the device according to the Ulo website, allowing you to feel like you and Ulo are on the same team.

Ulo, $489, Amazon

My Skin Track pH by La Roche-Posay


You're heard that skincare products "balance your pH levels" -- but how do you know they're working, or what your pH level is, in the first place?! L'Oréal just unveiled the first ever wearable sensor that tracks your skin's pH levels. As the video below explains, you put the sensor on for five to fifteen minutes, and then you get a message on your La Roche "My Skin Track" app that tells you how what your pH is and then recommends products to help your skin health based on the info.

"The scientific and medical communities have long known the link between skin pH levels and common skin concerns that millions of people experience every day," says Guive Balooch, Global Vice President of the L'Oréal Technology Incubator, an arm of L'Oréal's Research & Innovation Division. "Our goal is to use this advanced technology to empower consumers with meaningful information about their skin, so that they can find the products that are right for their individual needs."

Romper had a chance to see the tech in person; it's amazing!


One of the biggest thrills of pregnancy is seeing your baby develop via ultrasound; you might find yourself counting down the days until you get to see your little one at your next doctor's visit. Now, you don't have to wait to go to the doctor to see your baby, as Baby-Scan has created an at-home ultrasound machine that's totally safe to use. You can check your baby's growth and health all from the comfort of your home. The scanner even connects to an app that lets you store and share snaps of your baby in a snap.

The company hasn't announced retail availability yet, but you can check for updates on the Baby-Scan website.


Ever wondered what your baby sees? You can stop wondering because BabyEyes has invented a tiny camera you can attach to your baby's clothes that records 20 second sequences from your little one's perspective. The footage is then sent to your computer via a wire network, so you can have the memories of your baby's first few months at home forever. And when your kiddo grows up and asks what it was like when they were little, you'll have actual proof.

Babyeyes Camera, $139, BabyEyes

SyncThink and Magic Leap Collaboration

One of the first companies to design technology specifically with the goal of monitoring brain impairment, SyncThink announced its impending collaboration with Magic Leapat CES with the goal of using Magic Leap's augmented reality technology to assess brain health. The device, called Eye-Sync, uses virtual reality and eye-tracking technology to diagnose brain impairments and fatigue in just 60 seconds. The technology is intended to help monitor athletes brains (so it's particularly of interest for parents who have kids playing football or are still considering putting their kids on contact sports), allowing doctors to better diagnose brain impairments and the like. It could also help the elderly who have falls that impact their heads, so parents and caretakers keep an eye out for what the collab leads to.

The Rocking Bed

Forget sleeping pills or chamomile tea. The next thing in sleep aid has arrived, and it's a Rocking Bed for adults. Rocking Bed takes the age old movement of a mother rocking a baby and applies it to an adult mattress, replacing your box spring with a steel frame that vibrates when it is turned on as the Rocking Bed site explains. You're already exhausted as a parent, and this ultra soothing bed will help you make sure insomnia doesn't make you even more tired. Seriously why should babies have all the fun?!

Full Size Rocking Bed, $3,450, Rocking Bed