Witch Please, These Hilarious Wine Glasses Are A Halloween Party Must-Have

There’s nothing quite like the fun of trick-or-treating and the rush that comes from not knowing if the biggest candy bar is waiting for you at the next house... or if instead you'll be handed a travel-sized toothpaste (a dentist lived on the street I grew up on). While I don’t recommend going solo trick-or-treating dressed as an oversized ghost, there’s still a way for adults to get their kicks on Halloween and it's with these witch wine glasses. The set includes four dishwasher-safe stemless glasses (I’ve never met a traditional stemmed glass I didn’t break, so I’m firmly in camp no-stem) each inscribed with a funny, witchy pun.

My personal favorite glass (the one I’d definitely give myself if I were having people over for dinner), says “Witch Better Have My Candy.” In case you didn’t listen to the radio at all in 2015, the phrase calls back to the iconic Rihanna song which left us all wondering if indeed Bad Girl RiRi ever got the cash she so clearly was owed.

In addition to pairing wine with cheese, you can pair each glass with your friend or family member who most closely reflects the witchy inscription. Your friend who always manages to drop the F-bomb even at inopportune times (be honest, we either all have this friend or we are this friend) will get a kick out of the glass which reads “Son Of A Witch!”

“Witch, Please!” is a great choice for your friend who takes no crap; I can just see her snapping in a Z-formation between sips of vino. And that pal who’s the unofficial social-planner, the one with the gift for organizing parties, playdates, and book group will love the rallying cry of the “What Up, My Witches?” wine glass.

These sassy glasses add a cheeky touch to any fall tablescape, and they may just prompt you to whip out the black succulents and the pumpkin-shaped punch bowl and have yourself a little Halloween dinner party. Growing up, we’d invite some neighbors and friends over for food before trick-or-treating. We’d have a make-your-own-pizza-party, which was smart on the part of the parents, I see now, because everyone loves pizza and kids need a hearty dinner before consuming their entire body weight in sugar. The only thing missing were these hexed glasses.

5-oz is the amount of liquid that really constitutes a serving size of wine, according to Self, and I’m here to tell you that sure, it's always smart to heed the serving size, but on the other hand, that sounds like a really meager pour. If you come over for dinner at my house, I’ll give you at least a 7-oz pour, okkkur? These glasses each hold 21 ounces of wine, which is a whole lot; almost an entire bottle actually. I don’t recommend that you fill your witchy cup to the brim, but it’s nice to know that one glass can hold a full cauldron of vino should the need for that level of sorcery ever arise.

These take nine or ten days to arrive, so make sure you order in time for Halloween, because you have 99 problems and not being able to drink from witchy wine glasses with your coven is most certainly one.