Black Succulents Are The Best Halloween Decor Trend Ever (Plus They're Cheap)

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Plant lovers, put down the watering can for a minute because I have some botanical news that’ll make your day a little bit freakier. Black succulents are the latest Halloween trend, and you’ll probably want one to complete your seasonal decor this year. In fact, they’re so chic you just may decide that these coal-colored plant babies are the only decorations you need.

Who am I kidding? I’m getting a freakin' pumpkin in addition to a new succulent, but you do you.

I embrace color in my wardrobe all year until October rolls in. During the tenth month of the year, I feel an urge to channel Wednesday Addams mixed with a touch of Ozzy Osbourne and Angelina Jolie when she was in her gothic phase (ha I wish). Basically, I replace my normal pale pink manicure with OPI's iconic deep purple polish, Lincoln Park After Dark. So I was thrilled to learn that my plants can get a spooky little upgrade this year too.

If you're like me and your plant life is starting to look a little too merry for the ghostly holiday, then you’ll love the addition of a moody black succulent (which look amazing in one of the Halloween planters from Target, naturally). The plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and having never seen one IRL, I was surprised by how readily available they are online. Best of all, succulents are known for being resilient and adaptable, which is good news (for me at least), because in addition to now wanting a black plant, I also have a notorious black thumb. Below, six of the chicest black succulents to get your October started on the creepy note you and your plant coven crave.


Black Prince Echeveria

The rich color of this succulent paired with the slight green accents on its leaves make for a dramatic touch in your home. This one keeps giving all year long, with dark red flowers blooming in the summer. It's super easy to care for too.


Aeonium Black Rose Zwartkopf

I love the juxtaposition of the soft rounded edges with the stark coloring of this succulent. The leaves are technically dark, dark purple (like my fave nail polish) but they read as black, especially in dimmer rooms. The website warns that aeonium leaves bruise easily, which you may notice, but the . imperfections aren't harmful to the plant.


Sinocrassula Yunnanensis

OMG it's like a little black Christmas tree and it's creepy and cute and I want it. Keep in mind that this purchase is of the seedlings and not the adult plant, but reviewers say it grows quickly and easily. I'm adding to cart.


Echeveria Affinis Black Prince

Uh oh, now in addition to everything else I purchase for my home, I can also get rare plants on Amazon. This Black Prince isn't quite as stark in color as some of the other options out there. It's perfect as an entry point into the world of inky plants.


Echeveria Black Prince, Black Hens and Chicks

Don't be surprised if the leaves on your Black Prince (which also goes by the names Black Knight or Black Hens and Chicks) start off looking green. They will darken into a "lavender brown" color, according to World Of Succulents. This plant is also slow to grow which makes it ideal for small spaces.


Aeonium Arboreum

Aeonium arboreum succulents are native to the Canary Island desert region, so they love very dry climates (in other words, don't over water). The leaves are waxy to the touch, and the flowers propagate easily, which means you can have a house full of black succulents by next Halloween. These babies are sun lovers and will probably stay alive even if you totally forget about them for several weeks (not that I've done that or anything).

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