Hi, Hello, How Bad Do You Want To Run Through This Giant Rainbow Sprinkler?

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do during the summer (before befriending the neighbors with the swimming pool) was run through sprinklers in my yard. Such a nostalgic past time for every summer since the lawn sprinkler was invented. However, the tried and true lawn sprinkler has had some fun, creative, and ginormous upgrades. While they may not water your lawn effectively, this year feels like the year of the bigger-than-life sprinkler. And I’m pretty excited to report that there is now a ginormous rainbow tunnel sprinkler in addition to the Ginormous Neon Unicorn Sprinkler, Ginormous Ape Sprinkler, Ginormous T-Rex Sprinkler, Ginormous Monster Sprinkler, and Ginormous Elephant (and Pink Elephant) sprinklers. Only this ginormous rainbow tunnel sprinkler can be purchased from the happiest place on Earth (well second if you count Disney World): Target.

This Ginormous Rainbow Tunnel Sprinkler by Sun Squad is $100 at Target, but definitely worth the dough. Your lawn will look like a magical wonderland of fun with this brightly colored, whimsical sprinkler sitting back there. It’s even cooler (literally and figuratively) than a regular sprinkler because it’s a tunnel where your kids can run through it. I mean, I kinda want to run through it, too, so let’s be real. It’s totally for the entire family, unless someone in your family is taller than 6 feet tall. This rainbow tunnel is 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide — the perfect size to run through all summer long. Or to take a "quick rinse" to cool off while you’re pulling weeds, like this Twitter user suggested.

Just so the rainbow doesn’t end up in the sky with any other rainbows you might see this summer, the Ginormous Rainbow Tunnel Sprinkler comes with lawn spikes so you can keep it from floating away in any summer breezes. It also connects to a standard garden hose. Pretty easy set-up.

To really make your backyard a magical, whimsical, summer wonderland, have the Ginormous Neon Unicorn Sprinkler at the end of the rainbow to keep the water coming. And since this will probably make your backyard a giant pond with all that falling water, you may want to purchase this shooting star float. And if you’re not into any physical activity this summer and are ready to relax but don’t mind being sprinkled on, you can also purchase this Rainbow Cloud Lil’ Pool at Target while you’re there for under $20 to keep the magic going.

I always hear about parents who want to keep their kids outside and away from the TV as much as possible during the summer — not only to keep them out of their hair — but to also avoid them vegging out in front of the tube all summer so they’re active. I think any of these sprinklers would be enticing enough to keep the video game controller out of their hand and have their feet pounding the grass for hours. You know you'll be going to Target at least once this week anyway. Don't forget to check out the Ginormous Rainbow Tunnel Sprinkler while you're there.