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Toms Baby Yoda Shoes Are On Sale & Buy Them You Will

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Disney+ released Mandalorian, and ever since Stars Wars aficionados, my household included, have been gaga over Baby Yoda. Tiny, iridescent, and with Puppy Dog Pal-sized eyes, audiences immediately agreed that the infant version of teh Yoda species is undeniably adorable... which is why his image has shown up on everything from t-shirts to tote bags. The latest addition to the Baby Yoda merch family: Toms Baby Yoda shoes, which are exactly as cute as they sound.

It's true. Toms used the force to upgrade their classic kids' Velcro design, a staple in many children's wardrobes, into Yoda-eared sneakers. The "limited-edition slip-ons with 3D appliques," as the site reads, allow your little Jedi-in-training to fully embrace their place in the universe.

Naturally, the minute my 4-year-old son saw the cute green guy on screen, he was in love. (Yes, I let my 4-year-old watch the new series under heavy parental supervision. Don't @ me). Imagine the Jedi Mind Trick I can pull on him with these shoes.

The shoes are made out of Terry cloth and feature Toms classic printed footbed, and they come in a limited edition special Star Wars packaging in sizes 4 to 11. Better yet? They're on sale. Right now the slip-ons are discounted about $10 bucks — that's a deal whether you're shopping in present day or the The New Republic. And it's worth noting that Toms has a whole Star Wars-inspired line, which includes grown-up shoes as well, and several of those styles are also on sale.

With months until the release of season two, slated to debut in October 2020, these sneaks will keep your kiddo (and you) entertained and in fighting shape before Mandalorian returns with the next chapter in what we can only imagine will be a seasonal trilogy. Add a lightsaber, a Storm Trooper helmet, Baby Yoda Mickey Ears, a Baby Yoda Baby On Board sticker, or, perhaps, a Baby Yoda Build A Bear, and your kid will be properly outfitted to defend the galaxy until their favorite character returns and we can all find out the answers to pressing Mandalorian questions like...

Will Baby Yoda use his force to fight the dark side? Will he talk? Will he incite more kiddo squeals of glee eating another frog?

For now, only creator Jon Favreau knows. But we can say this for sure: Your kid will love these shoes more than Jawas love mudhorn eggs.