This Photo Of Tori & Audrey Roloff Posing With Their Newborn Babies Is Just Precious

by Casey Suglia

After being born just weeks apart from one another, Tori and Audrey Roloff's babies met for the first time. And, yes, they are too adorable for words. Tori and Audrey have a lot in common, and as it turns out, their kids do, too.

Not only did Tori and Audrey marry twin brothers, Zach and Jeremy Roloff, who star on TLC's Little People, Big World, but they both gave birth to their second children weeks apart from each other. Tori and Zach welcomed their second child, a daughter named Lilah Ray Roloff, on Nov. 19 2019. And almost two months later, on Jan. 8, 2020, Audrey and Jeremy welcomed their second child into the world, a son named Bode James Roloff.

It's safe to say the two cousins will probably grow up pretty close to one another. And although they won't remember meeting each other for the first time, their parents were able to capture this sweet moment on camera. On Tuesday, Tori shared a photo on Instagram of her and Audrey holding their babies next to one another. "Welcome to the world cousin Bode!" Tori captioned the photo.

Call it a coincidence, but this isn't the first time the sister-in-laws gave birth months apart from one another. Zach and Tori welcomed their first child, their son Jackson, in May 2017. Meanwhile Jeremy and Audrey welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ember, into the world in September that same year.

Naturally, Tori's followers think that this is pretty cool. Not only do the sisters-in-law each have a boy and a girl, but the four cousins will always have someone their age to play with at family gatherings. You have to admit that is pretty sweet. As one follower commented, "This has to be so fun having babies that will grow up together. God bless all of you." Another said, "It's amazing that you two happened to do this twice with your littles being so close in age."

Even Jeremy can't get over how much fun it is to have babies so close in age with his twin brother. "Twins with babies!," he wrote in the caption of his own Instagram post. "It's fun being in the same season of life together."

While these may be the first photos of Bode and Lilah together, they certainly won't be the last. Hopefully some adorable photos from a future play dates will pop up in our newsfeeds one day soon.