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These Videos Of DJ Khaled & Baby Asahd Are *Everything*

If you're having a bad day, remembering that DJ Khaled and his baby son, Asahd, exist in the world will make it better. If you're having a good day, simply thinking about the fact that the preeminent music producer of the era actually named the 8-month-old executive producer on his recently released album, Grateful, will make it even better. And no matter where you are in life or love, videos of DJ Khaled and Asahd will have you howling with unalloyed delight and Gchatting the links to all your friends nonstop like a maniac.

Few things in this world are as pure and endearing as the social media-ready love between these two, and it's no wonder fans seriously can't get enough. While his dad collaborates with dominant entertainers like Beyoncé, JAY-Z, and Drake, it's little Asahd whom Elle magazine recently dubbed "the hardest working person in showbiz." After all, he's the cover art for Grateful in addition to having executive-produced it. He has his own verified Instagram account with more than 1 million followers. He rides on a private jet to important engagements. He works freaking hard in the recording studio, which is maybe one of the reasons why he earned the opportunity to wear matching Gucci suits with Gucci Mane at the 2017 BET Awards last month.

Of course, his dad is 10,000 percent obsessed with him. Admit it, so are you. This is a clearly precocious baby with a flair for working a crowd and stealing hearts, and when he appears in living color with his unrelentingly positive dad? Priceless.

Like when we got a glimpse of him in the official video for Khaled's "I'm the One" featuring Chance The Rapper, Justin Bieber, Quavo, and Lil Wayne.

That's right, he was sitting in the executive producer chair. I can't really see DJ Khaled letting him sit anywhere else on set, honestly. After all, the whole reason he named his most recent album Grateful is because he's feeling so blessed to have Asahd as a son, as Khaled said in an Entertainment Tonight interview at the BET Awards in June.

That time, he even had his son in his arms:

"Asahd gonna be everywhere cause he’s a legend already," Khaled said at the time. "He's an icon, and I gotta say this: I'm gonna give him so much joy and so much happiness forever. I work for him."

Later that night, Khaled brought the boy — wearing the most adorable pair of noise-canceling headphones á la Boomer Phelps — onto the stage with him for all to admire.

"Put your hands in the sky for my son," Khaled instructed the crowd. They probably did.

But it's not all award shows and music videos, though. A hardworking baby such as Ashad still needs his naps and tummy time and at least a few hours a week carved out of his busy schedule to chill with Khaled and relax. Lucky for us, the father-son duo regularly offers fans a peak into their down-time via social media:

So thank you, baby Asahd, for making even the darkest of days a little better.