What To Do If Your Due Date Is On New Year's Eve

Whether you've been trying for a baby for a long time, or if this one was totally unplanned (but welcomed, regardless) it's always a little stressful to find out that your due date is on a major holiday. Moms-to-be who find out that their due date is on New Year's Eve might be even more stressed out. Although it's a joy to ring in the new year with a new baby, it's also a day filled with a bit of debauchery. You might question who's sharing the road with you, or if you don't have a driver set, worry about not being able to call a car when you go into labor. And, that's not even mentioning the fact that it might be snowing.

Unfortunately, it's all a wonderful part of nature. Your baby will arrive when he or she is ready and willing. Even if you've got a birth scheduled that falls on another day, it's always possible for an early surprise arrival.

Needless to say, this will definitely be a New Year's Eve to remember. You probably already expected to sip on sparkling apple cider instead of champagne, but you might be a little worried about the hard part — pushing a new life into this world, while everyone is outside celebrating.

First thing's first — you'll want to remain calm. Plenty of babies are born on New Year's Eve every year. You'll also want to remember that due dates are often wrong. The Huffington Post noted that only about 5 percent of women end up delivering on the day they're initially due. Really, think of it as a rough estimate. Do you want to be on high alert during the holiday? Oh, of course. But will your water definitely break in the middle of a party? Perhaps not.

Next, you'll want to create a plan. Obviously if you decide to go out and celebrate, you'll want to chose a location close to the hospital where you plan on giving birth — you know, just in case. This isn't the time to go to that out-of-state party, or even host your own big gathering. Really, you need to create a situation where you can easily slip out and try not add any unnecessary commotion to the event. This is your pregnancy — not the pregnancy of the entire party — so you need to look out for you and your baby, first and foremost. Trust me, next year's party can have much looser rules.

You'll also want to make sure you're fully prepared, and have everything you'd need for a sudden hospital stay. This bag, known best as a go-bag, should be packed no matter what around the time you're due, so you might already be ahead of the game.

If you plan on giving birth at home, obviously the idea of a party around New Year's Eve is out the window. It's too close in the window to call, and you'll want to spend your time making sure your midwife is available, and your birthing supplies are handy.

Last, make sure not to get too attached to the date. You want to be prepared, but again, this is something that's kinda-sorta out of your control. Let it all happen, and embrace the moment — it's sure to be a beautiful one.