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Beyoncé's Due Date Is Still A Mystery

Let's just be real here: ever since she announced her pregnancy back in February, every fan has been trying to calculate Beyoncé's due date. In fact, it's likely there are bookies somewhere in the middle of Las Vegas accepting cash bets on just when the Carter twins will show up. But it's not an easy bet to make.

Beyoncé announced her pregnancy in early February with a now iconic photo on Instagram. In those pictures, Bey was already showing, so it's likely that she was already pretty far along. It's not uncommon to announce a pregnancy a few months in, but it's just as ill-advised to guess a woman's due date based on her bump. So, fans are stuck projecting.

Here's what any woman can guess: it's happening, definitely, kind of, probably, soon. (We don't want to intrude on Beyoncé's private life.) But! Even if Beyoncé was just two or three months in when she took her gorgeous announcement photos, that would put her due date somewhere around late summer. Or, like, almost now. If that were an acceptable measure of time.

Beyoncé also had her "push party" or baby shower this past weekend, furthering rumors that she might be closer to her due date than fans assume. Most expecting moms wait until their third trimester to host a baby shower, which means, if she's following some random sense of etiquette, Bey might be just a few weeks out from labor pains. Or days. Fans don't know and this is what makes it all the more exciting.

But really, no one knows when exactly those pregnancy announcement photos were taken. So as much as people should chill out when it comes to clamoring for a proper due date from Beyoncé, it's all very exciting — so much so that people are ready to witness the event at any cost.

Last weekend, a bunch of New Yorkers saw a police-escorted ambulance headed to the Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side, where every celebrity gives birth. For a few minutes, time stopped in the Big Apple because of erroneous reports that it was Beyoncé in that ambulance. It wasn't her, since she was having an epic push party across the country in Beverly Hills at the time.

But the BeyHive is on watch.

As much as Americans are obsessed with the British Royal Family, if Beyoncé had really gone into labor during Pippa Middleton's wedding last weekend, what would you have watched? Yea, that's what I thought. Carter Twins for the win. Should we apologize to the Queen? (Nah, sorry.)

No one can know Beyoncé's actual due date and although there are people, likely at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, trying to adjust their schedules to bear witness to the birth, it's better if everyone gives the family some privacy and waits patiently. Tina Lawson or Bey herself will post a pic on Instagram of the babies as soon as they're ready.

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