When Should You Take Down Christmas Decorations? There Are A Few Options


When you think of having to take the Christmas decorations down, chances are it turns into a game of how long you can possibly put it off before it just becomes ridiculous. The truth is, you and I both probably know a few neighbors who’ve left their Christmas decorations up for several months afterward the holidays. And honestly, thanks to them, I don’t feel as rushed to get mine down each year. Honestly though, when should you take down the Christmas decorations? The answer is kind of up for interpretation.

The truth is, unless you're one to take your Christmas decorations depending on convenience, there are actually a few days that many people observe as official dates to take those festive baubles, lights and garlands down. These all have either a superstitious, traditional, or religious reasoning behind them, and the options are as follows: December 31, January 5, or January 6. So depending on your own beliefs, you can choose to take down the tree and decorations as you will.

According to She Knows, those who are superstitious should consider getting out the storage boxes on December 31 because New Year’s Eve holds some clout. The superstition goes that if you don’t take your tree down before the clock strikes midnight, you’ll carry around bad luck for the entirety of the new year. And after 2017, that’s the last thing any of us need. But if you feel like NYE is too soon and want the Christmas festivities to continue, consider another day down the line.

January 5 is considered the twelfth day of Christmas, and thus offers a closure of sorts to end the holidays with tradition. According to ABC10, this day is also often referred to as “the last of 12 days of Christmas merriment.” If you’re looking to wait a few days after Christmas has passed and want to incorporate one last holiday tradition into your new year, January 5 is the way to go. You can make some hot cocoa, put on one last Christmas movie, and take all the decorations down to store until next December.

But if neither of those reasons are good enough to jump on decoration take-down, a holy reason is your last chance to take advantage of an important deadline to do away with Christmas decor. You can take down your tree and decorations on January 6, in observation of the Epiphany. According to USA Today, Christians all over often celebrate Epiphany, or “Three Kings Day.” This is the day the wise men are said to have brought baby Jesus gifts and declared him the son of God. So if your holiday is rooted spiritual belief, this could be the perfect day for you to create some Christmas closure.

Of course, parenting life isn’t always predictable, and chances are there are plenty of people who will miss these significant dates to take down their decor. Or maybe those dates are already full on your calendar. Either way, there’s one last deadline to suggest for taking down the decorations, and that’s the next major holiday of the year. If your decorations are still hanging around by Valentine’s Day, it’s definitely time to reassess your priorities. You can look at it as a loving activity to do with your significant other (or for them). And if you haven’t gotten the decorations put away by the time spring has come, and maybe even gone, you can probably just get away with leaving them up for next year – assuming your tree is an artificial one, of course.

In all seriousness though, the standard according to all of the dates above is simply getting down the tree and decorations in the first two weeks after Christmas. Unless you have a superstition, want to start a tradition, or feel called to act on the Epiphany, there’s no rhyme or reason to which day is best. Pick a day in the next two weeks and get it done... although I’m not judging if you don’t either.

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