You Can Watch The New 'Mulan' On Disney+ For $30, But The Extra Fee Won't Last Forever

More than two decades after Disney's original Mulan hit theaters in 1998, the new live-action remake will finally be available to stream on on Disney+ come Sept. 4, though it does come with a $30 price tag. But for those who can hang tight a little longer, the new Mulan will eventually be free to watch on Disney+ as it will join the platform's already extensive library in a few months.

Three months after its premiere, Mulan will be all available to all Disney+ subscribers for no extra charge on Dec. 4. Of course, as it will be included in your subscription, you will have to continue to pay Disney+'s monthly fee of $6.99 a month to watch the new Mulan in December.

Until then, Disney+ subscribers will have to pay $29.99 for "premier access" to Mulan. Once you purchase the film, though, you will be able to watch it as many times as you wish as long as you have a Disney+ account. On Nov. 2, however, this premier access window will close, as Deadline reported, and the movie will return when it's added to the Disney+ library in December.

So you can either purchase Mulan any time before Nov. 2 for $30, or you can hang tight until December and watch it for free with your Disney+ subscription.

Disney fans have been waiting a long time for Mulan's release. The remake was originally set to be released in theaters earlier this year, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, had its release date pushed back multiple times before finally finding its home on Disney+.

While the live-action remake of Mulan is based on Disney's 1998 animated film of the same name, you'll notice a number of changes. For instance, this version of Mulan isn't a musical, her love interest isn't the same, and there's a brand new villain. Additionally, the new film is rated PG-13 and has some pretty intense action scenes, according to Common Sense Media.

As long as you have a Disney+ account and want to shell out an extra $30 for family movie night ASAP, you can see how Disney revamped Mulan this week. Or, hang tight until December. In the meantime, you can stream 1998's Mulan and its sequel Mulan II on Disney+ right now.