Courtesy of Hasbro

You Heard It Here First: A New My Little Pony Doll Is Coming & She's So Cool

Are you well-versed in all things "My Little Pony," thanks to your child's obsession or your own fond memories? Can you name the characters by heart and recite the plots of every episode and movie? Then you need to know that a new interactive My Little Pony toy will be hitting the stores this fall. That should give you plenty of notice to mark your calendar — and bookmark your Amazon page — so you can snag one (or more) for a gift that will get you all the thanks and hugs a little one can offer.

Oh My Giggles Pinkie Pie is slated to be one of Hasbro's big reveals at the 2019 New York Toy Fair, the toy industry event where trends are discovered and the buzz begins over all the hot toys that will be flying off the shelves and out of the warehouses come Christmas. Simply put, My Little Pony fans are going to be all over this doll, and you won't want to miss out.

The 8-inch pink pony figure is true to Pinkie Pie's love of joy and laughter. Sensors in its chest are activated when your child tickles it, causing the doll to laugh infectiously. The more you tickle Pinkie Pie, the more she giggles and squirms — and so will the kids. It's a Tickle Me Elmo for today's kids (and you remember how huge the Elmo toy was, back in the day).

But Oh My Giggles Pinkie Pie does Elmo one better: She also has a sensor in her mouth that can be turned on at will, causing her to laugh unexpectedly whenever anyone walks by. A rep for Hasbro tells Romper that this offers the perfect opportunity to prank friends and family members by hiding Pinkie in a fridge, closet, shower, or other spot and waiting for the reaction to the sudden burst of giggling. (If you should just happen to record the moment on your cell, no one would fault you for posting the video on YouTube or your social media pages and encouraging shares far and wide.)

If you're not familiar with Pinkie Pie (and we also wouldn't fault you for letting your kids watch "My Little Pony" in the other room while you clean the kitchen or finish your coffee), you'll want to know that she's the most fun-loving pony of the pack. According to the official Pinkie Pie bio on the Hasbro website, the rosy quadriped loves to throw parties and nosh on cupcakes. She's also quick to cheer up the downhearted and help out folks in need. Her signature "cutie mark" on her flank is an image of three balloons, "the mark of parties and laughter."

But the best thing about the MLP gang is their message of unity (as their slogan says, "friendship is magic") and a list of core values that include honesty, generosity, kindness, and loyalty. In a world where those values seem to be an endangered species, it's nice to know that some cute cartoon ponies are trying to help you pass on those qualities to the next generation.

Parents of young children quickly become experts in a number of topics, most notably the characters in their child's favorite TV shows and movies. It's this knowledge that can safely guide you when it comes to buying birthday and holiday gifts (heaven forbid you should choose the wrong train engine or rescue-worker puppy).

So if you have a "My Little Pony" fan or two in the house, particularly if they're enamored with Pinkie Pie, the Oh My Giggles Pinkie Pie doll should be on your radar for your pre-holiday shopping. She'll retail for $25 this fall, and will be available in most retail stores. It's sure to be a hit. Just remember to turn off the mouth sensor after they go to bed, to avoid getting freaked out by a late-night burst of laughter when you go in to check on them sleeping.