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Your Summer Mom Style, According To Your Zodiac

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We still technically have a few weeks to go before it's officially summer, but as Memorial Day has come and gone I think we all know that it has unofficially arrived. Moms are busy making summer plans, gearing up for the end of the school year, and perhaps, if they're lucky, looking forward to a few "summer Fridays" at the office. Every mom will approach this season in her own way, but what is your summer mom style, according to your Zodiac?

The truth of the matter is, for most adults, summer isn't all that different from the rest of the year (unless you are a teacher or live a particularly charmed life with summers off or something). But for kids, especially school-aged kids, summer is just... different. It lasts forever and is always fun (and, between popsicles and sunscreen, always sticky). And if I've learned one thing as a parent, it's that your child's general approach to life is going to rub off on you in some way, so I feel like parents get a kind of "vicarious summer" through their kids, which, if I'm being honest, is a real perk in having kids.

OK, so being a parent affects your summer but how will your star sign navigate you through the season? Here's a start:

Aries (Mar 21 — Apr 19)

For most people, summer is a time to relax and take a break from the general flow of the year. An Aries, however, constitutionally lacking any concept of relaxation (or desire to do so more than a few times a decade), will make sure that her children do not sit around bored and lazy for three months. She sees this as a time to dedicate oneself to reaching goals (learning to swim, swing across monkey bars, or jump rope), improving skills (maybe going to sports camp), and just generally remaining active and having fun. They're not all work and no play... they just work really hard at everything, including having fun.

Taurus (Apr 20 — May 20)

So you know the energetic intensity of an Aries? Yeah, a Taurus is basically the opposite of that. Don't get it twisted: these mamas know the meaning of hard work, but their motto is "work hard, play harder." So they're very happy to let their just chill all summer — couch is fine but, being the type who loves to feel the grass on their feet and the dirt between their fingers, they'll likely encourage the outdoors. They'll be very content to watch their kids play while gardening or sipping a cold beverage in a hammock.

Gemini (May 21 — Jun 20)

Summer is a Gemini's time. The party vibe, the tendency to seek out more socializing (to say nothing of the airy, boho fashions): she's very at ease with the "hang out until after the fireflies come out" lifestyle. If she could rent a party boat and live there from Memorial Day to Labor Day she would be really happy. Sadly, this is not financially possible for most people (even for a "buy now and ask questions later" Gemini) so these gregarious, fun-loving, lively mamas are all about playdates, BBQs, and pool parties whenever they can manage.

Cancer (Jun 21 — Jul 22)

You'd think the first sign of the summer would be all about fun in the sun, but these little crabs aren't particularly social. Cancers are a sensitive souls who like to keep it close to home, so they're not going to let their guard down just because they're on vacation. They're also sometimes a bit cranky because, no offense, Cancers, but you're literally crabs. But that doesn't mean summer is going to be dull — this water sign is extremely happy to relax by a pool or quiet lake with family and close friends... barring that, perhaps sitting with their kids making arts and crafts directly in front of an air conditioner.

Leo (Jul 23 — Aug 22)

Generous and charming, Leos are always the hostess and the summer only cements the general "open door" policy of this big-hearted, hospitable sign. They love a good time and, specifically, gathering that good time around themselves and relishing in the attention. A Leo mom is a cookout queen. She loves holding court by her grill or with a pitcher of frozen drinks (she's even made a non-alcoholic pitcher for the kids, because why should they miss out on the fun).

Virgo (Aug 23 — Sep 22)

It's not so much what a Virgo does so much as how she goes about it. This sign is above all things organized. They are put together and have a plan. So Virgo moms are the type who have a calendar on the fridge with an hour by hour break-down of the day (no doubt color-coded) a month out at least. But don't worry: she will have planned a lot of fun in their too and, being image-conscious, it will all look incredible on Instagram.

Libra (Sep 23 — Oct 22)

A Libra's goal in life is for everyone to be happy. For a mother, it can be very difficult to balance everyone's wants, needs, and, for a Libra in general, balance is something that is prized above all but often difficult to attain. So you know what? Otter Pops, man. Or Freeze Pops, depending on where you live. You know what they are: delicious frozen treats whose flavor can only rightly be described by color. They signal summer. They are always awesome. So Libra moms summer planning is just throwing Otter Pops at literally every situation because there's no situation they cannot improve. Everyone loves Otter Pops.

Scorpio (Oct 23 — Nov 21)

You can ask for no more loyal person in your life than a Scorpio. As such, a Scorpio mama will be spending the summer on the family reunion circuit with her little ones. After all, when you have a little more time (as people tend to have in the summer) how better to use that time than strengthening family bonds? Of course, being a charismatic, capable leader, a Scorpio mama is probably the one planning a lot of these get-togethers.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 — Dec 21)

Travel. Travel. Travel. Travel. Travel. A Sagittarius is a nomadic spirit and summer gives them the time they don't always have to take their kids on adventures, both far-flung and close to home. A Sagittarius mom will spend these months with a baby strapped to her back wandering the streets of Algiers or showing her 4-year-old son or daughter how to safely hike the beginner trails near their house.

Capricorn (Dec 22 — Jan 19)

A Capricorn mom's ambitious nature means her nose is often firmly secured to the grindstone. But there's perhaps one thing a Capricorn values above personal advancement: family tradition. So these moms takes summer traditions — the annual trip to the local falls or beach or amusement part — very seriously... because she's a Capricorn and takes everything seriously. (Fortunately, it's also seriously fun and creates the warm fuzzy memories that future nostalgia is made of.)

Aquarius (Jan 20 — Feb 18)

Aquarius moms think outside of the box, and the change of the season gives them all kinds of inspiration for new and exciting ideas. And, of course, their creative tenacity is infectious, so the kids will be happy to join in. Whether it's tinkering with the sprinkler to make it extra fun and splashy or decorating the yard with an inflatable flamingos obstacle course, Aquarius moms will keep the summer interesting for sure.

Pisces (Feb 19 — Mar 20)

Timid, sensitive, but very observant and creative, a Pisces mom will be happiest this summer cooling off in the water (what do you expect from a sign represented by fish?) or sitting by her kids in a shady spot drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, creating truly impressive works of art. (She might get a little emotional when the rain washes it away, but that's a Pisces for you.) Pisces moms are naturally doting, so the extra family time summer often brings is most welcome and will be spent relishing in quality time with her kids.

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