9 Signs You're Actually Ready For Another Baby

They say that if you wait until you're really ready to have a baby, you'll never have one. But for planners like me, there are definitely moments that are more ideal than others. Figuring out whether or not to try for a baby the first time is a major decision, but I've got news for you: it doesn't get any easier. If you think you might be ready to grow your family by one more, look for these signs you're ready for another baby.

I started feeling like I wanted another baby when my daughter started sleeping through the night, somewhere around six months after she was born. Yeah, I know that's close together, but my sister and I are 13 months apart and enjoy an amazing twin-like relationship. Plus, I was already 35, so I felt like my window was closing. I successfully got pregnant before baby girl turned 1 year old, but that pregnancy ended in early miscarriage. My husband then deployed for a year so, ready or not, another baby wasn't a possibility. Things worked out OK, though, because I was able to have lots of one-on-one time with my daughter and start two new part-time jobs. By the time my partner returned I was in a really good place, and as luck would have it, we're now expecting our second child.

If you research how to tell if you're really ready for that baby life again, you'll find lots of practical considerations. If your first child is potty trained, that's an ideal time to have another baby, or so they say. You need to look at the financial implications of a second child too, of course, and determine if you have time to allow your body to recover from childbirth. Those are all important considerations, to be sure, but they aren't the only ways to "tell" if you're ready for baby number two. If you recognize yourself in more than a few of the following, you just might be ready to take the plunge into newborn life. Again.

Your Ovaries Are Screaming

If you can physically feel your ovaries release an egg at the sight of a newborn in a knitted cap, that's your first clue that it might be baby time again. For real, though. Women's bodies have a way of knowing when the time is right, so that pang you feel might not be your imagination.

The Baby Section Makes You Go All Weak In The Knees

It's the shoes, right? They're so tiny and ridiculous, but there's nothing like a pair of baby Toms (OMG, tiny skulls and crossbones!) to make you squee. Seriously, if the little narwhal sleeper with a tusk on the hood doesn't make you pass out in the baby aisle, you might not want to get your IUD removed any time soon.

You're Obsessed With 'A Baby Story'

Hooked on this TLC classic again? Just can't get enough of the heartfelt, hopeful (read: sanitized), real life-stories in the labor and delivery room? Your subconscious could be telling you something.

Likewise, if you're taking frequent strolls down memory lane with pictures of your own baby story, it might be time to dust off the pack and play.

You Have Baby Names On The Brain

If you find yourself succumbing to the baby name clickbait that somehow ended up on your Facebook (how do they know? Same way they know you were looking at a new Coach bag, Tina — magic), you might be ready to grow a human again.

If you own the Baby Name Wizard book, don't even try to deny your intentions because I know you're looking at sibling names that go with your child's.

You Don't Want To Give Your Friend's Baby Back

Ostensibly, the best part about visiting your friend's new baby is that you can give them back when they get fussy or stinky. If you're offering to try the 5 S's on them or change the diaper just so you can keep your hands on them, you're likely ready for another little sweetie of your own.

You're Already Making Space

Imagining which room you might convert to a nursery? Thinking it's mini-van time? You could be making room for a new addition.

During my husband's deployment, I upgraded to an SUV. I could say it makes me feel safer or that with 200,000 miles, my car wasn't going to make it much longer, but who am I kidding? There's no way I wanted to get two kids in and out of a freaking Corolla.

You Have Pregnancy Amnesia

Morning sickness wasn't that bad, was it? Hemorrhoid surgery? Child's play. Conveniently forgetting about your 29 hour labor is a surefire sign you're ready for more than a puppy.

Honestly, I think this is an prime example of evolution. The survival of the species requires some degree of amnesia. If we remembered every detail of pregnancy, who would ever choose to do it again?

You've Thrown Caution To The Wind In The Bedroom

Letting your birth control prescription expire could be a sign of mom brain, but it could also mean you're in the market for another tiny version of yourself. (Just make sure your partner's on the same page.)

You Feel Like Your Family Is Incomplete

Do you get the feeling there's room for one more? Are you thinking about how nice it would be for your kid to have a sibling? Maybe it just seems like something is missing. Your inner voice is telling you something, and I, for one, would listen to her.

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