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These Darling Baby Boy Names All Start With The Letter "D"

They’re delightfully delicious, just like your little dude.

Naming your baby is one of the first (and biggest) decisions you’ll make as a parent. And while some people know what they’re going to name their child even before they spy two lines on a positive pregnancy test, it takes a while for others to decide on what they’re going to call their kiddo. But even if you don’t have the actual name determined, you might want to check out these baby names that start with D, because they’re definitely darling.

There are so many reasons why you might want to have your baby’s name begin with a specific letter. Maybe it’s because you and your partner share the same first letter, and how cute would it be if baby had it, too? Or perhaps you want to honor someone in your life who passed away with a name that starts with that letter? It’s possible you’re planning on monogramming everything, and nothing but the letter D will do. Or maybe, just maybe, you like the way the letter D sounds.

If you’re struggling to come up with boy names that start with D, this list should be a good jumping off point. Because darn it, you’re determined to have a boy name that begins with D.



If you’re looking for a classic boy’s name that starts with D, definitely consider Daniel. From the Hebrew Daniyyel, it means “only God is my judge.” It’s usually in the top 10 or 20 boys’ names, and with nicknames like Dan or Danny, it’s easy to see why.



A Welsh name, Dylan means “born of the great sea.” It’s a great name for people looking for a name that has a natural connotation, or is aquatically-oriented. It’s become gender-neutral in the past few years, too.



Spelled either with or without a K (think Dominick or Dominik), the name Dominic is of Latin origin. It means “belonging to the Lord” and derives from the Latin name Dominicus. A cute nickname for this popular Roman-Catholic name would be Dom.



Even if baby is still in utero, he’s already loved. That’s what makes David so sweet, since it means “beloved.” It’s of Hebrew origin, and derives from the name Dawid. It has ties back to the Old Testament, too, since the second king of Israel was also David.



If you’re, ahem, of a certain age, the baby boy name Dawson might remind you of the CW’s hit show, Dawson’s Creek. It means “son of David” and is of Welsh origin. If you pick this name for your little guy, Pacey (and everyone else from the Creek) would surely be proud.



Meaning “valley,” Dean is both a boy’s and a girl’s name. It used to be an English surname until it became popular in the 19th century. It derives from the Old English “dene.”



It sure has a lot of potential spellings, but no matter how you spell it, Damien is a historical name that means “to tame” or “subdue.” Its origin is a mixed bag; some say it derives from the Greek “Damianos” while others say it’s of Russian origin. Although it does have connotations to horror films (The Omen, anyone?), Saint Damian is the patron saint of physicians, which can help you see Damien in a new light.



You might remember Dante’s Inferno from your high school English lit class. And with good reason, since Dante is an everlasting name — literally. It means the same, and comes from the Italian name Durante.



Looking for a baby boy’s name that comes straight from the Emerald Isle? Look no further than Declan. A boy’s name of Irish origin, Declan means “full of goodness.” It derives from the Gaelic name “Deaglan” which means “good, excellent” and “full.”



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If you’ve given birth to a little boss baby, then Derek might be a fitting name. Derek is a boy’s name that means “the people’s ruler,” much like how your little guy is ruling the roost at home. It’s of German descent, where it derived from the Old Germanic name Theodoric.



Diego has started to see a rise in popularity, thanks to parents picking baby boy names of Spanish origin. Diego means “supplanter” and derives from the name Santiago. Interestingly enough, Diego does not translate into baby boy names like David, for example, but rather James, which is also a variant of the Hebrew name Jacob.



Daxton is one of those location names, since Dax is a town in France. And that’s exactly what Daxton means. But this French favorite of a name is even more precious because of its nickname, Dax.



Of Scottish origin, Douglas is a boy’s name that means “black water.” But don’t let the meaning mess with you; when broken down into its Gaelic origins (dubh meaning “dark, black” and glas meaning “green” or “stream”), it really just means a green stream of flowing water, which might be how you’d imagine Scotland to be, anyway.



A gender-neutral name, Dexter means “dyer” or “right-handed.” It’s got that cool X in the name, which lends itself to the super fun nickname Dex.



Dalton is a boy’s name of English origin. It means “the settlement in the valley,” which might not have much meaning to you, but it’s one of those “on” or “en” (like Colton or Easton) ending boy’s names that is has a definite appeal.



A nickname for the sophisticated Dashiell, Dash is perfect for the baby boy who made birthing a breeze. It means, as you might have guessed, “to run quickly,” which is probably why it was the perfect pick as a name for Dash in The Incredibles.



Some parents want to give their babies strong names that signify strength. That’s why you might want to consider Duke. It means “leader” and is of Latin origin. It also has royal vibes, since a duke is a coveted title held by members of royalty or nobility.



Not to be confused with Desitin (you know, the white stuff you slather on your baby’s butt), Destin is a baby boy’s name of French origin. It means “destiny” which is so cute, when you think that this little baby boy was destined to be yours.



Of Greek origin, Deacon is a boy’s name that means “messenger” or “servant.” It is also a title held by an ordained member of the Christian clergy, too.



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Dorian is a name steeped in Greek history. The Dorians were an ancient Greek tribe, and the name means “of Doris,” a location in Greece. The name derives from the Greek word “doron” which means “gift.” Dorian is now a gender-neutral name, and can be spelled Dorien as well.



Was baby born with a head full of dark hair? Then you might want to move Donovan to the top of your baby boy names that start with D list. It is of irish Gaelic origin and means “dark.” It started off as a surname and gradually became popular as a first name for little boys.



It’s hard not to think of the Oscar-winning actor, but don’t discredit Denzel from your baby naming list. It means “from the high stronghold” and is of English origin. Who knows, your baby might have some acting abilities, thanks to the impressive pedigree of this noble name.



Spelled as Darrell, Daryl, or Darryl, the name is of English origin. It means “person from Airelle, France,” a French village. It can also mean “deorling,” thanks to ties to Old English as well. Actress Daryl Hannah put the name on the map, making it more gender-neutral.



There are a few countries that are trying to lay claim to Dimitri. Greeks believe Dimitri is a boy’s name that means “follower of Demeter” and is related to the Greek name Demetrius. On the other hand, Dimitri is a super popular name in Russia, with a slew of spellings like Dmitry, Demetry, Dmitri, Dmitrii, and Dmitriy.



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If the name Duncan makes you think of cake mixes, welp, you’re not alone. But underneath this sweet-sounding name lurks the heart of a warrior. Yes, the name Duncan means “dark warrior” and is of Scottish origin.



Some babies are born baldies. Others have a bushel of hair on their heads. If your little guy comes out with a full head of hair (and it’s dark to boot), you might want to consider Deegan as their baby name. It literally means “dark-haired,” and is of Irish descent. In fact, it was once a surname from the Old Gaelic “Ó Duibhginn.” But Deegan (or Deegs, which is a cute nickname) might be easier to pronounce.



Baby names ending in “on” are pretty popular, and that’s why you might like Dayton. A not-too-common baby boy names that start with D, Dayton hails from merry ol’ England. It means “Day’s settlement” or “David’s settlement,” and was once a surname. Originally a boy’s name, Dayton has become a gender-neutral name as of late.



If you have an older sibling who’s really into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (and you’re looking for baby boy names that start with D), you might get inspired by one cute duck: Donald Duck, that is. A name of Scottish origin, whether you think of a cute little duck or a former president, Donald means “proud chief,” which is might make it appealing for your own little clan.



A new spin on David, Davis still holds the same meaning as its original name: “beloved.” It’s pronounced “Day-viss” and is of Old English origin. And as for nicknames, you can’t get cuter than Davy.



Deon is one of those baby boy names that is tricky to trace back. Some say it’s of African origin, and means “a mighty and all-powerful God,” while others say it’s of Greek origin and is an ode to Dionysius, the god of good wine and fun shenanigans. Either way, Deon (or Dion, as it might also be spelled) is a darn good name for your little dude.

If you’re looking for baby boy names that start with D, don’t despair. These names are darling and delicious, just like your little dude.