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20 French Baby Boy Names For Your Little Monsieur

Parlez-vous français?

Inspiration for baby names can come from all kinds of places, like your heritage, favorite travel destinations, or simply your admiration for a foreign language. If you happen to hold a special place in your heart for France, then maybe it’s worth exploring some French baby boy names for your petit bébé. Many of them are the perfect combination of beautiful and strong and are sure to add a little flair to the classroom name roster.

Throughout history, some of the most brilliant, fascinating, and talented men have come from France. Some famous figures include painters Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet, novelist Victor Hugo, explorer Jacques Cousteau, and Nostradamus, whose prophecies have lived on for centuries. France is also home to some of the world’s best museums, the Eiffel Tower, and more delightful cafes than we deserve. All of this is to say, if you’re considering a French name for your baby, you have very good reasons.

Loving the idea of giving your baby a French name is very different from having one in mind, though. So, if you’re on the hunt for some French baby boy names, here are a few that are très bien.



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In French, Beau means “beautiful,” which is kind of a perfect name for a baby. It’s pronounced like “bow” and is gaining in popularity in the US.



Julien, which means “youthful,” is how the French spell the name “Julian.” The name Julian (with the “a” spelling) is well-known in the United States and is also a popular name in countries like Germany and Ireland.



Pronounced “Clood,” Claude is a classic French name that dates back to the middle ages. The name itself is beautiful, though its unfortunate meaning, “lame” is less thrilling.



You can give your kiddo some Dax Shepard vibes with this French name. It’s a location name (think Chicago West) and becoming increasingly popular in France and the US.



Theodore is a well-known name in the United States, but the acute accent over the “e” changes the pronunciation slightly to “teh-aw-dawr.” Basically, it just sounds fancier in French and you can’t go wrong with some extra fancy.



Yes, he was the bad guy in Beauty and the Beast, but Gaston is still a great pick if you’re looking for a strong French name. Shoot, there’s an entire song about Gaston’s strength and manliness in the classic Disney film.



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Curtis is another name that is common in the US, but the French pronounce it “curt-tees,” which gives it a little variation in America. The name means courteous, so if you give this name to your son you’re basically setting yourself up to have a kind and polite child.



This is another French name that has been adopted here in the US, however, the pronunciation is completely different. In France, the name is pronounced “to-mah” and it means “twin.”



Pronounced “Ru-Neh”, René means “rebirth” and is a very common name in France. In fact, it’s also a very popular name in Spanish and German-speaking countries, too.



Harvey, pronounced “Are-Vay” in French, means “eager for battle” and “strong and worthy,” making it the perfect name for a baby boy who also happens to be a little fighter.



The French version of Timothy, Timothée is pronounced “Tim-O-Tee”. It means “to honor God” and has become popular in its variations in multiple countries across the world.



For anyone who is a fan of the French language, Henri, which is pronounced “Ahn-Ree,” is just a little bit better than the American Henry. Though they sound different, they both have the same meaning, which is “home ruler.”



Gabriel, often shortened to Gabe, is a relatively common name in the US, but it is a very popular name in France, where they pronounce it “Gab-Ree-Yell.” It means “God is my strength” and is used in various forms in several countries.



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If you want your baby to have a French name and you’re a big fan of the show, Friends, then Chandler is a perfect choice. It means “candle maker” and if Chandler Bing taught us anything, it’s that with the name comes a really good sense of humor.



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It doesn’t get much more French than the name François. It’s a classic name that remains popular in the country and means “French man” or “free man.”



Pronounced “Lo-Ron,” Laurent is a location name that means “of Laurentium.”



The French variation of the name Steven, Stéphane is pronounced “Steh-Fahn” and means “the crown of glory.”



André has French origins and its American variation is Andrew. It means “masculine” and “brave” and, honestly, it is a very cute baby name.



Technically, Sébastien is the French variation of the name Sebastianus, which has Latin origins, however, it continues to be a very popular name in France. It’s a location name and Séba tends to be the nickname associated with it.



Pascal is a common French name that means “Easter” or “of the Passover.” It also happens to be the name of Rapunzel’s very cute chameleon sidekick in Tangled.

Honestly, all of these names are equal parts adorable and lovely and would be a perfect fit for your little man. Now the only question is, do you want to really lean into this and also give your baby a Parisian-themed nursery? (The answer is yes, by the way).