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If You're Having A June Baby, These Summery Names Are *So* Perfect
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Although any month in which you give birth is magical, there’s something extra joyous about a June baby. Maybe it’s because it’s the start of the summer, and you can walk around without having to put layers of clothing on your kiddo (just be sure to put a sunhat and stroll them in the shade so they don’t overheat, though). Or perhaps it’s because you’ve been spared having to endure labor and delivery in the dead heat of summer (we’re eyeing you, August). For those reasons (and so many more), you might be inspired to give your June baby a summery name.

You can always name your baby June, which is adorable and sweetly old-fashioned at the same time. Plus, if someone asks what month your baby was born in, you can say, “June, of course!” Or you can think of what the month of June means to you — long days at the beach, pool, or lake, and time spent outdoors with family and friends — and give your child a name that symbolizes that special significance. You might also search to see which of your favorite celebs was born in June and give them that name.

If you’re stumped, start off with these 30 June-inspired baby names, and see which one feels right for your summer lovin’ baby.




In a wink and a nod to Gemini, one of the two astrological signs that fall during June, you can name your child Gemma. Gemma also means “gem or jewel” and is of Latin origin. And, really, how cute is the nickname Gem?



A name that can be great for both a boy or a girl, Skye means, well, sky. It’s of Scottish origin, and can be meaningful as you look to the blue skies of summer, and enjoy those super long days of sunshine.



Although Jared is a boy’s name that has been around since Biblical times, it ties into June because the name also means rose, which is one of June’s birth flowers. It’s a masculine name that has Hebrew roots, and was popular back in the late 90s to the 00s, which means that not every classmate your kiddo will have in the future will sport the same name.



June’s two birth flowers are the rose and the honeysuckle. But giving your child the name Honeysuckle may be a mouthful. That’s when shortening it to Miel (which is French for “honey”) might be, you know, sweeter.



Meaning “bringer of light”, Luca is a gender-neutral name that’s perfect for summer. The name has Italian origins, and has started becoming more popular in the U.S. since the 2000’s.



It can feel like everything is in bloom in June, which is why giving your child a floral-inspired name like Iris is a good option. And Iris in Greek means “rainbow”, which is an adorable way to celebrate a rainbow baby.



With so many names signifying the sun for June, it’s nice to switch it up and shine a spotlight on the moon. And that’s why Luna, whose Latin origin means “moon,” might be a good name for your June-born baby. Plus, the moonstone is one of June’s three birthstones.




Good for both a boy or a girl, Morgan is one of those classic names that never goes out of style. It’s a Welsh name, and means “bright, white sea dweller.” And you never know, the name might mean you’ll have a water baby — or at least, one that loves bath time.



Sure, you could name your child Sunny or Sonny, which is super cute. But if you want to make it a little more oh la la, then set your sights on Soleil, which translates to “sun” in French, Baby Names found. It’s not super popular, but it sure is pretty.



Morwenna is another aquatically inclined baby name. It’s a Welsh name that means “waves of the sea”, and it’s more common in the UK than it is in the U.S. That said, if you have an older child who is a Peppa Pig fan, British actress Morwenna Banks voices Mummy Pig, Madame Gazelle, and Dr. Hamster, which just might make the name more oinktastic.



The summer really kicks off in June, so Summer can be an ideal name for a baby born in the 6th month of the year. Of course, Summer means summer, and the name became more popular starting in the 70s, when new parents wanted more nature-inspired names. So, if your newborn is super chill, Summer might be a good fit.



When the summer sun feels hot, the name Inigo for a baby might be a fit. The name means “fiery” and has its origins in Basque.



Looking to give your baby a little luck ‘o the Irish? Then your June baby might love the name Aine. Pronounced “awn-yah”, the name means “radiance”, which seems fitting for a month that’s drenched in sunlight for hours on end.



Gender-neutral names are becoming more popular, and that’s what makes Keegan an instant classic. The name, which is of Irish descent, means Descendant Of The Fiery One. It will, ahem, be up to you and your partner to determine which one of you is “the fiery one.”



With a Spanish origin, Junot is a boy’s name. Although it can sound like Juneau, a city in Alaska, it actually means “young”. And as for how to say it? Junot is pronounced “zhoo-NOH”, and not, um, “Ju-NOT.”



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Sure, you could name your baby June, but there’s something extra sweet about just Junie. While it might be a wink and a nod to those Junie B. Jones books you read as a child, (or that your older kiddo might be reading right now), Junie could also be a nickname for Juniper or even Juno.



Rose is just one of the two flowers associated with the month of June, making it fitting for your June baby. Rose has gone from being an old-fashioned name to becoming super popular, ranking among the top 200 girls’ names, according to Very Well Family.



It’ll be a day at the beach with your babe when you name them Ravi. It means “sun” in Sanskrit, and is a popular boys’ name.



Yes, you could name your child after any body of water (River, anyone?), but Lake is just lovely. It can be especially meaningful if you spend the summers at the lake with your family. Plus, it just conjures up tranquil emotions of peaceful water and relaxation, something that you hope will be in your baby’s nature, too.



Pearl is one of those Grandma-esque names (like Rose, Betty, or Eleanor) that has made a huge comeback. And just in time for a June birth, since a pearl is one of the three birthstones this month.



There’s something about summer (and June in particular) that might make you want to connect with nature. And Kai, which is a gender-neutral name, does just that. It has a multitude of origins (think Welsh, Greek, Hawaiian, Scandinavian for starters) but it can mean “sea” or “earth”. And for a month that kicks off all that deliciously warm weather, Kai is very cute.



Of course, probably one Khloe comes to mind when you think of the name (and that iconic spelling), but this isn’t about keeping up with the Kardashians. A name with Greek ties, Khloe means “young green shoot.” And when you think of all the flowers, fruits, and veggies that grow during the summer, it makes Khloe a sweet and meaningful June baby name.



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Another sun-centric name, Solange means “angel of the sun” in French. (And yes, it’s Beyonce’s sister’s name, too.) Even if you shorten it to just Sol, (pronounced like “soul”), it’s still a sunny name, since Sol means “sun” in Spanish.



If you’re looking for an alternative to Nicholas, you might want to consider Nikko. Not only can it be a nickname for Nick, but Nikko is a Japanese name that means “sunlight”, too.



In a month known for its beautiful weather, Selene seems like a fitting name. It means “moon goddess”, which makes even more sense when you realize that June hosts the Strawberry Moon, which marks the last full moon of the spring or the first one of summer, according to Almanac. Plus, strawberries are super ripe in June, too.


Alexander (Alexandra)

How cool is it that June has not one, but three birthstones? So if you don’t feel passionately about Pearl (and you’re looking for a boy’s name), you might fall in love with Alexander. It’s a variation of alexandrite, one of June’s birthstones, and Alexander is a strong name that means “defender or warrior” in Greek.



A Latin name for “light,” Lucian isn’t that common when it comes to baby names. Although Lucian might be considered a boy’s name, you can definitely make it gender neutral or even convert it to a girl’s name with some creative spelling, such as Lucienne.



Did you know that June is National Zoos and Aquariums Month? (Neither did we.) For a month that’s all about aquatic animals, you can name your baby Dylan. It means “son of the sea,” although it’s technically a unisex name now, so it would be good for a baby girl, too.



Considering how so many plants and flowers are in bloom during June, Blossom can be a beautiful June baby name. It’s of Old English origin, and it means “flower-like.” And obvs, if you grew up in the 90s, you might have watched the TV series, Blossom, which can also serve as inspiration for the name.



Your baby feels like a gift from above, and that’s what makes Eleodoro so eloquent. It means “gift from the sun”, and has both Greek and Spanish origins. You can always make it feminine by adding an A at the end for a girl (i.e. Eleodora), or you can shorten it to Eli for a boy, or Ellie for a girl.

There’s a lot that goes into naming your newborn baby. But if your little one is expected to arrive in June, you can think of what the month means to you, and get creative with their name to represent a month that’s literally bursting with love and light.

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