Newborn triplets lie on a stomach on the blanket in an article about triplet boy names
Three Cheers For These Triplet Boy Names

From iconic trios to names that just go together — you’re going to love these sets.

Baby naming is a journey for everyone. For some, it’s not a question of finding a name, but of narrowing it down. For others it’s a battle of wills, struggling with a partner to find just one you can agree on. But, either way, finding triplet names means you’ve got your work cut out for you. Coming up with three names can be a challenge in and of itself, but then coming up with three boy names for triplets? Three names that go together? It isn’t an exact science – you know it when you hear it... and when you don’t.

This list aims to cast a wide net, drawing inspiration from pop culture, literature, history, music and different languages and cultures from around the world. There are even a few iconic trios on here, because why not have a little bit of fun with it? (Come on: you should at least toy naming your triplet sons after the three Musketeers, right? When else are you going to have the chance? So whether you want names that are connected by culture, theme, or just kind of vibe, here are 30 baby name ideas for triplet boys that might just make it on your short list...

1. William, Henry, & Malcolm

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There’s nothing particularly that connects these names except that they all vaguely sound a dignified trio who went to Eton and thence to Oxford. Maybe they open a law firm? Who knows? William comes from German and means “strong protector,” Henry comes from Old French and means “home ruler,” and Malcolm is of Scottish origin and means “devotee of Saint Columba.” All three names have been bestowed upon kings of England and/or Scotland.

2. Tristan, Gareth, & Owen

These names all come to us from Arthurian legend. Tristain (Brittonic; “clanking swords of iron”), Gareth (Welsh; “gentleness”) and Owen (Welsh; “well-born, yew”), also called Owain or Yvain, were Knights of the Round Table known for their bravery and great deeds.

3. Bowie, Mercury, & Jett

You’re not a regular parent; you’re a cool parent. That’s why you want to name your children after literal rockstars David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, and Joan Jett. Being triplets, they’re really only one member away from a standard rock band anyway, so it wouldn’t take them much to start their own act in a few years.

4. Cedar, Jasper, & River

These nature-inspired boy names evoke a sense of power and peace. Cedar is a fragrant evergreen found around the world, Jasper is a stone that symbolizes healing, and River is... fairly straightforward but no less beautiful.

5. Apollo, Atlas, & Ares

These strong boy names are all associated with figures from Greek mythology (and look at that; they all begin with A). Apollo is the god of the sun, art, music, and truth (among other things), Atlas is the titan who holds the earth and heavens on his shoulders, and Ares is the god of war and courage.

6. Ari, Leo, & Laith

All three of these triplet boy names are great without even knowing how they’re connected, but each means the same thing: Ari (Hebrew), Leo (Latin), and Laith (Arabic) all mean “lion.” Perfect for your little pack.

7. Brontë, Austen, & Thackery

Literary parents can appreciate these unique names as they are all the surnames of famous Regency era writers—The Brontë Sisters (Anne, Charlotte, and Emily), Jane Austen, and William Makepeace Thackery.

8. Javier, Diego, & Santiago

These beautiful Spanish boy names are both strong and graceful and perfect triplet boy names. Javier means “new house,” and Diego and Santiago, both rooted in the Hebrew name Yaakov (or Jacob) means “supplanter.” (Incidentally, “supplanter” means “to replace with something of greater value.”)

9. Enzo, Rocco, & Aldo

If you’re looking for names that rhyme without being too rhyme-y, then this trio of Italian boy names are perfect. Enzo is actually a nickname for Lorenzo, which means “crowned with laurels,” though it can stand on its own (you make your own baby naming rules). Rocco means “rest” and Aldo means “noble, old, and wise.”

10. Dante, Chaucer, & Troy

If you wanted literary baby names for triplet boys, but the Regency era isn’t your thing, then consider, perhaps, this iconic trio of writers from the Middle Ages. Dante (Alighieri) wrote The Divine Comedy; (Geoffrey) Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales; and (Chrétien de) Troy(es) wrote a number of poems on the subject of King Arthur’s court.

11. Phillip, Eric, & Adam


If you love all things Disney but aren’t quite committed to naming your triplet boys Micky, Donald, and Goofy, consider going for three of the most charming cartoon princes. Prince Phillip is from Sleeping Beauty, Prince Eric is from The Little Memaid, and Prince Adam is from Beauty and the Beast. (Though Adam is never named as such in the movie that is, apparently, his official name per Disney.)

12. Oye, Ade, & Bayo

These classic and strong Yoruba boy names all have beautiful meanings. Oye, generally used as part of a longer name, like Abioye, indicates nobility, Ade means “crown,” and Bayo, frequently a nickname for Adebayo, means “joy is found.”

13. Hiro, Kenji, & Ren

This set of triplet boy names comes from Japan. Japanese naming conventions don’t quite work the same way they do in most other languages— what a name means depends on which characters are used to spell it, so each of these names can mean any number of things. But, Hiro often means something along the lines of “abundant, prosperous,” Kenji often means “wise” “healthy,” or “second son,” and Ren usually means “lotus.”

14. Andie, Billie, & Frankie

When thinking up names for triplet boys, why not go gender neutral? Andie (“manly”), Billie (“strong protector”), and Frankie (“free”) are all great choices, either as standalone names or as nicknames for Andrew, William, and Francis, which are also solid picks.

15. Athos, Porthos, & Aramis

Frankly, it would be irresponsible to put out a list of iconic trios without suggesting, maybe, you could name your sons after the three Musketeers. (“Wait, what about D’Artagnan? Isn’t he the most famous of the Musketeers?” you may ask. Technically he wasn’t one of the original three — he was the one who wanted to join them.) Athos comes from Greek and means “of Athena.” Aramis is French and refers to the village of Aramits in southern France. Porthos doesn’t have a clear meaning, but of the three Musketeers he was the funny, charming one.

16. Aleksi, Dmitri, & Grigori


Поздравления*: You’ve opted for Russian names for your boys. Good news: you have a whole lot of options, including this set of sort-of rhyming names. Aleksi means “defender of mankind,” Dmitri means “follower of [the Earth goddess] Demeter,” and Grigori means “watchful.”


17. Tenzin, Kalden, & Aden

These Tibetan boy names are classic, but have a contemporary feel that makes them timeless. Tenzin means “upholder of (Buddhist) knowledge/teaching,” Kalden means “of the golden age,” and Aden means “handsome.”

18. Amos, Micah, & Jonah

In the Bible, there are many prophets. Some of them even have their own books, and the books of these three so-called “minor” prophets come one right after the other. Amos (“carried by God”), Micah (“who is like God”), and Jonah (“dove”) all come from Hebrew.

19. Arthur, Conan, & Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a doctor who decided to leave his medical practice to write The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Arthur comes from Celtic languages and means “bear.” Conan is an Irish name meaning “wolf hound,” and Doyle, also Irish, means “dark stranger.” (For middle names, consider drawing inspiration from Doyle characters — perhaps Arthur Sherlock, Conan Watson, and Doyle Mycroft.)

20. Eamon, Brian, & Cormac

This trio of Irish names are perfect for triplet boys. Eamon (pronounced “AY-mon”) means “wealthy protector,” Brian means “noble,” and Cormac (pronounced “core-mick”) means “son of a charioteer.”

21. Tom, Ziggy, & Ash


David Bowie had a remarkable, decades long career full of shapeshifting and lots of incredible music. All three of these names draw from his songs. Tom, short for the Aramaic name Thomas, means “twin,” Ziggy, sometimes short for the German names Sigmund or Siegfried, means “victorious,” and Ash refers to an ash tree.

22. Magnus, Erik, & Lief

The average Viking longboat had a crew of about 41 sailors, and three boys with Norse-inspired names is a good start. Magnus is actually a Latin name that became popular in Norse countries and means “great.” Erik means “eternal ruler.” Lief means “heir” or “loved.”

23. Remi, Pascal, & Yves

Have you considered French names for your triplés? Remi (which can also be spelled Remy) means “oarsman,” Pascal means “born on Easter,” and Yves means “yew,” which is the type of tree traditionally used to make bows (the weapon not the hair accessory).

24. Kurt, Eddie, & Trent

If you were a ’90s baby, then why not consider drawing from your rich musical heritage in naming your triplet boys? There’s no dearth of amazing musicians you could choose from and you can’t go wrong with alternative music. Kurt (Cobain, Nirvana) is a German name meaning “polite.” Eddie (Vedder, Pearl Jam) is an English name that means “wealthy guard.” Trent (Reznor, Nine Inch Nails) is an English name associated with the River Trent and means “the flooder.”

25. Benjamin, Levi, & Judah

In the Bible, the patriarch Jacob had twelve sons who went on to lead the Twelve Tribes of Israel. With triplet boys, you’re a quarter of the way to all of them, but let’s start with three of the really good ones. Benjamin means “son of the right hand,” Levi means “joined,” and Judah means “praised.” All three names come from Hebrew.

26. Michael, Gabriel, & Raphael

There are a number of angels mentioned in the Bible. Depending on the faith tradition, some of them are granted the rank of “archangel,” which is, counterintuitively (since “arche” normally refers to something of top rank), the second lowest rank of angel in Abrahamic religions. In Catholicism, the three named archangels, whose names all come from Hebrew, are Michael (“who resembles God”), Gabriel (“God is my strength”), and Raphael (“God has healed”).

27. Alexander, Aaron, & Phillip


For Broadway fans, there are a lot of good names from the popular musical Hamilton (and from, you know actual history) that can inspire your triplet boy names. Alexander is a Greek name that means “defender of mankind,” Aaron is a Hebrew name meaning “mountain of strength,” and Phillip is another Greek name that means “lover of horses.”

28. Oscar, Alvaro, & Duncan

If you have three children simultaneously, then you’re probably going to want to at least be prepared for some roughhousing, and what better way than to bestow warrior names upon your little guys? Oscar can mean either “deer lover” (Irish origin) or “spear of the gods” (Old German origin). Alvaro is a Spanish name that means “elven warrior” (also perfect for Lord of the Rings fans). And Duncan is a Scottish name that means “dark-skinned warrior.”

29. Phoenix, Denver, & Jackson

Whether you love Western names or names inspired by geography, this trio can work well for you. Phoenix (Arizona) is a Greek name meaning “crimson,” Denver (Colorado) is an Old English name meaning “green valley,” and Jackson (Hole, Wyoming) means “son of Jack.”

30. Krishna, Rama, & Tarun

These beautiful Indian boy names all draw inspiration from Hinduism, specifically from Lord Vishnu, “the Preserver,” who protects humanity and the world. Two of Vishnu’s most recognized avatars are Krishna (“dark blue”) and Rama (“pleasing, delightful, beautiful, charming”). Tarun (“connection, youth, gentle”) is one of the nearly 300 names given to Lord Vishnu.

Naming three little boys is a big job, but you’ve definitely got this. Hopefully this list of names for triplets has at least given you a few ideas.