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These Triplet Girl Names Are Three Times As Sweet

The more, the merrier.

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Naming one child is hard enough, but when you find out you’re having triplets (congratulations and godspeed) it can be almost impossible to decide on three names you like. Turning to a list like this one of triplet girls names can provide some inspiration when you undoubtedly get stuck figuring out if you should stick to names that start with the same letter, ones with the same ending sound, or three names that all have the same meaning.

Even after buying three of everything and finding a stroller that will still fit through your front door, deciding on triplet names can feel like the most daunting baby-prep task. You can always donate a baby sling that you never end up using, but a name is pretty permanent. The name game can get even more complicated when you have to agree with a partner on the moniker that will be with your trips forever.

Read on for 32 trios of triplet girls names to consider so you don't end up with Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim (unless that's your jam). And if you and your partner need more inspo, you could try the BabyName app, which is kind of like Tinder... but for baby names. The app shuffles through a huge amount of names from around the world which you can then swipe right or left on. If you each individually swipe right on the same name, you’ll get notified that you both like it, which is a lot more fun than suggesting a name and watching your partner scrunch up their nose at it.


River, Alder, & Clover

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Triplet girls names inspired by nature and with a similar ending sound are always a good idea. River is gaining popularity but it’s often used as a boys’ name. Alder is a tree in the birch family, and everyone knows the lucky clover plant. Each name is distinctive but they sound pretty together.


Quinn, Rowan, & Saoirse

Whether or not you’re Irish, this trio of Irish names is stunning. Quinn and Rowan have grown more popular in the past couple of years, as has Saoirse (pronounced sur-suh), thanks to actress Saoirse Ronan. Quinn is gender neutral meaning ‘wise,’ Rowan means “red-haired,” and Saoirse means “freedom.”


Alma, Clara, & Freja

If you’re looking for less common names, it’s a good idea to look to other cultures. Alma, Clara, and Freja were three of the most popular Scandinavian girls names in 2020 and it’s cute and cohesive that they all end in the A sound. Plus, they’re all a similar length so there won’t be any sibling battles about who has the longest name.


Naomi, Mari, & Abi

This trio of triplet girls' names are of Hebrew descent. I like that they’re all short and sweet, easy to pronounce, and seem cohesive as they all end in I. Naomi means “pleasant,” Mari means “the sea,” and Abi (or Abigail) means “joy of a father.”


Addison, Alexandra, & Amelia

If you’re stuck on what to name triplet girls, an easy guiding principle is to choose three names of the same letter. Addison, Alexandra, and Amelia are all strong, beautiful names, and because their second letters are all different, everyone can have their own distinct nickname.


Abigail, Bella, & Jolie

It can be nice to pick three names with similar meanings, and the baby girl names Abigail, Bella, and Jolie all translate to 'beautiful.’ Jolie is of French descent, Bella is Italian, and Abigail is Hebrew. But even being from different backgrounds, the names flow with each other without seeming too matchy-matchy.


Poppy, Lily, & Iris

Perfect for nature-lovers, Poppy, Lily, and Iris are all beautiful baby girl names that also happen to be flowers. While these three definitely sound like they belong together and have a clear connection, they all stand on their own as strong, elegant names. Plus, you can eventually use their respective flowers to coordinate and separate their individual gear (think backpacks, hairbrushes) as they grow.


Eve, Sarah, & Esther

Eve, Sarah, and Esther all appear in the Old Testament so they're truly three of the most classic names you can find. Eve means ‘life,’ Sarah means ‘princess,’ and Esther translates to ‘star,’ so even though each name has a biblical tie, they have meanings outside of religion as well.


Sophia, Sage, & Ramona

These three triple girls names all mean ‘wise’ or ‘wisdom.’ I like how the names call to each other with their respective vowel sounds, but are still unexpected and modern as a trio. (Also, can we just acknowledge the shout-out to the beloved character Ramona Quimby for the book-lovers out there?)


Olivia, Emma, & Calla

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While not connected in meaning, these baby girl names just really flow when you read or say them as a trio. Olivia means ‘olive tree,’ Emma means ‘universal,’ and Calla means ‘beautiful.’ I always love the soft flow of names that end in the letter A, and these three names sound beautiful together while still seeming individualized and personal.


Elizabeth, Evelyn, & Alice

If you're looking for names suitable for chic flappers, Elizabeth, Evelyn, and Alice were all popular names in the 1920s, and they're all in the midst of a modern resurgence. Elizabeth means "God is my oath," Evelyn means "beautiful bird," and Alice translates to "of a noble kin."


Grace, Hannah, & Annie

Hannah actually means 'grace' and Annie is a derivative of the baby name Anne, which is thought to be the English translation of Hannah. While these three names share a meaningful tie, they still sound distinctive and are each utterly classic in their own right.


Indigo, Ruby, & Olive

If you're looking for a fun organizing principle for your triplet's names, you can try naming them each after a more obscure color. Indigo, Ruby, and Olive are all beautifully unique baby girl names, but they go together. Names like Scarlet, Rose, or Jade can also fit nicely into this color-based name category.


Delta, Cordelia, & Isla

These three unique names all have to do with water, which is perfect for Pisces babies or families who love the ocean. Delta means 'mouth of the river,' Cordelia means 'daughter of the sea,' and Isla means 'island.' I also love that these names are connected by way of having the same ending letter.


Charlotte, Emily, & Anne

Book-lovers will appreciate this trio named after three of the four Brontë sisters (the fourth was named Maria). The names are classic and simple with a sweet literary nod that your baby girls may grow to appreciate when they're older (and have to read Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights in high school).


Quinn, Avery, & Sawyer

Gender-neutral names are more popular than ever, and these three are all both cute and sophisticated. Avery means 'ruler of the elves,' Quinn means 'descendant of Conn,' and Sawyer means 'wood cutter.' While their meanings aren’t super impactful (unless of course, you are a descendant of Conn), it's especially nice to have some gender-neutral names picked out if your babies’ sexes will be a surprise at birth.


Ida, Harriet, & Mae

Three of the most iconic Black trailblazers in American history are journalist and civil rights leader Ida B. Wells, abolitionist and activist Harriet Tubman, and pioneering NASA astronaut Mae Jemison. You can honor the life and legacies of these extraordinary women by giving your baby girl triplets their names. Each name is strong on its own, but put this trio together and your girls will be unstoppable.


Sedona, Odessa, & Sydney

It's becoming more and more common to name babies after places. Sedona, Odessa, and Sydney are all gorgeous names and cities. Or, you can also pick your own favorite travel spots to see if they also work as a baby name. Names like Savannah, Paris, or Alexandria are all strong choices.


Ruby, Opal, & Jade

These three names are all inspired by gemstones and while beautiful, they each have a certain toughness to them just like the stones themselves. If you're looking for something else in this vein, Esme is a pretty name that means 'emerald,' while Amber and Amethyst are both gorgeous gem-inspired choices as well.


Rosalie, Florence, & Mary

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Rose means ‘rose,’ Florence means ‘flourishing or prosperous,’ and Mary means ‘pearl.’ These baby girl names were three of the most popular names in the year 1900, according to the Social Security Administration. Over a century later, these names are still just as pretty and timeless for a trio of triplets.


Wren, Lark, & Paloma

Birds of a feather flock together, as they say, and Wren, Lark, and Paloma are all beautiful bird-inspired names. Although you’re likely familiar with the first two names as common birds, Paloma is the Spanish word for 'dove.' These names also sound gorgeous together even if others don't see their connection right away.


Madeline, Elle, & June

I love how these three baby girl names, Madeline, Elle, and June, are all strong and feminine. They also just so happen to be three of Reese Witherspoon's most notable characters — Madeline Mackenzie from Big Little Lies, the incomparable Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, and June Carter Cash from Walk the Line. Most people won't recognize the fun thread that binds the three names, but it's a fun Easter egg about your kiddos.


Gabby, Serena, & Megan

For parents who dream of seeing their kiddos draped in the American flag with a gold medal around their neck at the Olympics one day, choosing a triad of baby girl names with ties to phenomenal female athletes seems appropriate. Gymnast Gabby Douglas, tennis legend Serena Williams, and soccer great Megan Rapinoe all have first names that lend themselves to sports superstardom.


Faith, Hope, & Joy

Giving your triplets each a name based on a virtue that you aspire for them is one way to set them up for success in life. With names like Faith, Hope, and Joy, you can only imagine the love and light that your triplets may one day share with the world.


Amy, Beth, & Candace

Instead of a trio of names with alliterative flair, following the alphabet with names that begin with A, B, and C could spark some inspiration when choosing baby girl names for your triplets. In this example, Amy means ‘beloved,’ Beth means ‘pledged to God,’ and Candace means ‘pure, sincere,’ but any combination of names beginning with A, B, and C could potentially work.


Athena, Gaia, & Hera

If ancient Greece is something that you have a keen interest in, choosing triplet names with roots in Greek mythology should be on your radar. While there are plenty of names to choose from, Athena, daughter of Zeus and goddess of wisdom, Gaia goddess of Earth, and Hera queen of the Greek gods, all flow well together.


January, April, & May

The common thread with these three baby girl names is clearly that each name is also a month on the calendar. In addition to being a calendar month, April is of Latin origin and means ‘to open,’ and May is a diminutive of Mary or Margaret meaning ‘drop of the sea.’


Rebecca, Barbara, & Gabriela

For this trio of names, potential nicknames for each all start with a B — Becky for Rebecca, Barbie or Babs for Barbara, and Bri for Gabriela. Nicknames are a fun way to mix things up despite your babies having fairly traditional names. (It’s also worth noting that when you put each of the beginning letters of these names together, you get RBG.)


Catherine, Charlotte, & Elizabeth

At first glance, these names appear utterly elegant and traditional, but upon closer inspection, each name also has a link to the Royal family. Royal baby names may be a popular choice for parents, but they’re also timeless and classic. Catherine means ‘pure,’ Charlotte means ‘free man,’ and Elizabeth means ‘pledged to God.’


Madison, Kennedy, & Reagan

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Regardless of your political leanings, if you’re looking for a unique way to tie your triplet’s names together, consider using the last names of three United States presidents. Presidents James Madison, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan all have last names that are feminine in nature, perfect for baby girl triplets.


Willow, Aspen, & Juniper

All three of these tree-inspired baby girl names have an ethereal, yet rooted-in-nature vibe. While the name Willow doesn’t have any alternative meanings (other than referencing the tree by the same name, of course) Aspen doubles as a city-inspired name, and Juniper is a name of Latin origin that means ‘young.’


Celeste, Luna, & Stella

The baby girl names Celeste, Luna, and Stella are all celestial in nature, each relating in their own way to stars and space. All of Latin origin, Celeste means ‘heavenly,’ Luna means ‘moon,’ and Stella means ‘star.’ This trio of intergalactic monikers is truly out of this world.

Picking one name is daunting enough, but choosing three triplet names can seem like an impossible task. But whether you prefer traditional names, names from other cultures, or less common names, there’s a trio of triplet girls names for you.

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