Sarah Bradley

Sarah Bradley is a freelance writer, creative writing teacher, and the founder of Pen to Paper Creative Writing Services. Her nonfiction has been featured at On Parenting from The Washington Post,,, Today's Parent, Tonic from VICE, and, among others. She is mother to three wild and wonderful boys, and wife to one extremely patient husband. Thanks to her sons, Sarah also knows much more about dinosaurs than she ever thought possible.
Recent Articles

My Baby Needed Hypoallergenic Formula, & I Was Totally Unprepared

When my second son was born four years ago, nearly three months of sleeplessness, fussiness, and discomfort finally resulted in a diagnosis of cow’s milk allergy and gastroesophageal reflux. The reflux made breastfeeding almost impossible (he was too…
By Sarah Bradley

My Secret to Potty Training Boys? Don’t Bother

Ask a bunch of moms about the most unexpectedly challenging part of raising a toddler, and probably half of them will groan, sigh, roll their eyes, and say “potty training.” Pose the same question to a bunch of boy moms, and that percentage goes way …
By Sarah Bradley

Moms: You Need to Have an Opinion on Circumcision, Too

First things first: I’m not going to tell you to circumcise your son or not. I have three boys, so I do possess a well-informed opinion about circumcision and I have put that opinion into practice each time a new baby boy was born into our family. Bu…
By Sarah Bradley

I Used Nitrous During Labor, & It Was Totally Worth The Trip

In the span of five years, I gave birth to three 8-and-a-half pound baby boys. You could say I’m well-versed in the three stages of labor (early, active, and transition, otherwise known as “pain,” “more pain,” and “holy crap, I’m gonna die”). This is…
By Sarah Bradley