July 24. 2024


The Back To School Issue

Ready Or Not!

Consider this your back-to-school pep talk.

Big Feels

A Nervous Parent's Guide To Surviving Junior High (Again)

My strongest memories of seventh grade are isolation, shame, anxiety, and a boy named Chad teasing me about my flat chest.

by Edan Lepucki

Good Enough Parent

Help! I Can’t Get My Kids Out The Door In The Morning Without Losing My S**t

Do not fall victim to the lie that there is some version of reality where if you were just good enough, mornings would be easy.

by Sarah Wheeler
Tweens 4Ever

In Defense Of Middle Schoolers, Who Are Actually Really Great

My years teaching 13-year-olds have made me forever willing to leap to their defense.

by Purnima Mani
Under Pressure

Can High-Achieving Kids Grow Into Well-Adjusted Adults?

It all comes down to a psychological concept called “mattering.”

by Rebecca Ackermann

Nom Nom

15 School Lunch Ideas For When You Feel Like Giving Up

Colorful, creative lunches that just might inspire your kid to actually eat them.

Black Excellence

The Pressure To Be “Twice As Good” Is No Longer Serving Our Black Children

I had to put my child — and his humanity — first.

by Nefertiti Austin
Listen up!

35 Seasoned Parents Share Their Back-To-School Advice — Because They’ve Seen It All

Open houses are important, and sometimes, so are cookies for breakfast.

by Jennifer Parris
Kids' Entertainment

20 Great Movies To Watch With Your Kids To Get Pumped For School

Who doesn’t want to ease out of summer and into the school with a family movie night?

by Casey Suglia

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Getting To Know You

30 Questions To Ask Kids When They Get Home From School

by Anne Vorrasi

“How was school today?” just isn’t cutting it.

Back To School

What Is Restraint Collapse?

by Elizabeth Holmes

Why kids hold it together at school and then fall apart at home.

Back to School

13 Great TV Episodes To Get Kids Ready To Head Back To School

by Alexia McKay

School is in session!

Personal Essay

The Morning Rush Is Parenting At Its Most Essential

by Angela Garbes

There is no hero’s journey in this particular labor of mothering — or maybe there is, but you are definitely not the protagonist.

Mental Health

6 Mindfulness Activities For Kids

by Jennifer Parris

They're easy (and beneficial) to do.

Back to School

35 Instagram Captions For The First Day Of Kindergarten

by Jessica Booth

Hold back the tears until after drop-off.

Back to School

36 First Day Of Pre-K Instagram Captions To Capture The Moment

by Jessica Booth

You’re definitely going to want to share this one.

Back to School

41 Sight Words To Help Your First Grader Practice

by Jennifer Parris

Learning to recognize these words may help your child build reading skills.

Raising Anti-Racist Kids

Critical Race Theory & How To Advocate For The Type Of Education Your Kids Need

by Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs

We have our work cut out for us.

Screen Time

We're Thinking About After-School Screen Time All Wrong

by Cat Bowen

The rules aren’t exactly black and white.