Adele volunteers at her son's school.
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Adele Says She Made Mom Friends By Volunteering At Her Son Angelo’s School

She’s out there making 60 chicken kebabs for his class.

Adele has really made a life for herself in Los Angeles, thanks in large part to her 11-year-old son Angelo’s school. The “One and Only” singer has been volunteering at her son’s school, and it’s made for a happy life full of mom friends and oh yes, making 60 chicken kebabs for his class that left her kitchen counter stained. Such is the life of a volunteer mom.

The British singer spoke to The Hollywood Reporter recently about how she’s been settling in to her life in Los Angeles, and admitted that she’s “thriving a bit” because she is involved in Angelo’s school. “Now there are so many things his school does the most, with community vibes, which is fantastic,” Adele told the outlet, adding that the students there “don’t give a flying f**k who I am.”

While she is happy to volunteer, she’s not so much into doing a lot of face time at school events. “And I get, not insecure, but I get nervous around loads of adults and strangers that I don’t know. And so making food for school events, it’s my dream.”

During Adele’s last show at her Las Vegas residency, the singer told the audience that she had to make 60 chicken kebabs for her son’s class. “I did it the next day,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “It went great. I spilled the turmeric everywhere, so it stained my whole kitchen. I made 60 of them.”

Another great benefit of volunteering? “Having a kid at school, I’ve got great mum friends,” she admitted. Considering Adele is a single mom, living in a different country as she and ex-husband Simon Konecki co-parent their son, mom friends at her kid’s school are an absolute must. They might even end up being really helpful to her if she and boyfriend Rich Paul decide to have more children together in the future, which the singer has said is “definitely” part of the plan. “I definitely want more kids,” the mom of one said in 2022. “I’m a homemaker and I’m a matriarch, and a stable life helps me with my music.”

If a stable life as a homemaker and matriarch helps Adele make beautiful music, perhaps we should all be thanking her mom friends. Because it sounds like they’re making that set-up a reality for her.