During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Schumer revealed that her son gave himself a thumbs up...
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Amy Schumer’s Son Gene Has The Cutest Reaction To Seeing Himself In The Mirror

Confidence clearly runs in the family.

Amy Schumer stopped by as a guest on the last season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and of course, the mom and comedian was funny as ever. Dressed as a fashion clone of the host in a casual white button-down, jeans, and sneakers, Schumer took playful jabs at her husband, Chris Fischer (whose name she pretended to forget), and even came for DeGeneres’ lovable sidekick, Twitch. But Schumer had nothing but love for her son, Gene, when she gushed about a video of her confident 3-year-old, and the cute reaction he had to catching his reflection in the mirror.

While she has shared sweet pictures of Gene on Instagram before, like most proud moms, Schumer can’t help but send out some extra footage to her friends, too. DeGeneres revealed that Schumer had sent her the video of Gene checking himself out, and Schumer shared all the adorable details.

“He had on a baseball hat that had a train on it, and I just kind of found him looking at himself in the the mirror,” Schumer shared. “And he just gave himself a thumbs-up.”

“It was so good,” she told DeGeneres. “If we could just harness that confidence and that self-love.”

Amen, Amy.

It’s no big shocker that Gene is such a self-assured toddler. With a multihyphenate for a mother and renowned chef for a father, Gene’s parents are impressive role models. Schumer not only hosted that notorious and endlessly discussed Oscars’ ceremony, she released a new Hulu show, Life & Beth, that she created, wrote, directed, and even starred in. She was also recently spotted filming for her critically acclaimed sketch comedy show, Inside Amy Schumer, which is thankfully on its way back to the small screen soon after a years-long hiatus.

While Schumer has surely has her insecure moments and has admitted that her mom instincts have been way off target at times, she’s still been known to take the art of giving no effs to the next level. Consider the recent video she posted of herself on Instagram, dancing only in her undies with a full view of her big ol’ lower back tattoo on display. Her topless post elicited a whole bunch of heart-eyes emojis from actor Keke Palmer and even socialite Kathy Hilton.

But Schumer probably doesn’t need any advice when it comes to her awesome son. She’s already discovered the secret of being a “Cool Mom,” which must get tons of thumbs-ups from little Gene.