Anderson Cooper's son Wyatt turned two.
James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Anderson Cooper Celebrated His Son Wyatt Turning 2 With Sweet New Family Photos

Including a new picture of baby brother Sebastian!

Anderson Cooper’s oldest son Wyatt is celebrating a big milestone; he has turned 2 years old. So much has changed about the little boy’s life since his dad first announced his arrival in April 2020. Now he’s walking and talking, drinking out of a sippy cup and eating from his own little fork. And let’s not forget he’s also a big brother. But one thing hasn’t changed, according to his dad. Wyatt remains “sweet and funny, kind and caring.” And his family couldn’t look more proud of him in a new series of photos Cooper released for his son’s birthday on Wednesday.

Cooper welcomed his first baby boy, Wyatt Morgan Cooper, on April 27, 2020 and shared the momentous announcement at the end of an episode of Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. “On Monday, I became a father,” he said at the time. “I’ve never actually said that before out and it still kind of astonishes me.”

Since then, his baby boy has become very much the center of not just Cooper’s world, but also that of his ex-partner and co-parent, Benjamin Maisani. The two fathers live together to raise Wyatt, and the joyful little boy looks incredibly happy and loved in Cooper’s Instagram post honoring Wyatt’s birthday.

“Wyatt is two years old today! It is hard to believe,” Cooper wrote on Instagram. “He is sweet and funny, kind and caring. Your Papa and brother and I love you sooooo much!”

Wyatt celebrated with his parents but also with his 2-month-old baby brother, Sebastian Luke Maisani-Cooper. Little Sebastian came into the world as a “wise and thoughtful little chap” and was immediately loved by big brother Wyatt, according to Cooper. Sebastian, who Wyatt was calling “Luke” at first because, as Cooper explained to Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest “he can’t say Sebastian yet,” is featured in his big brother’s Instagram post. Sitting up in his dad’s arms like a champ, Sebastian joined the family photo in the grass with Wyatt curled up to Maisani, and the entire family looking content as can be. Wyatt even gave the thumbs-up in one photo while simultaneously drinking from his sippy cup, a clear sign he’s a happy little boy.

Wyatt Cooper’s birthday plans are a mystery beyond the love of his family. Perhaps he’ll have his pal Benjamin, son of Andy Cohen, over for some cake. Or perhaps he’ll just hang out with his baby brother Sebastian, also known as Luke.